Ascension Stones: Helps to create powerful deep meditation

The IS Ascension Stones they have … strong metaphysical properties that pierce the Divine Light. Meditation with these marcasite stones is very beautiful and very powerful. These stones vibrate strongly within the upper chakras more spiritual, and to know powerful energy align the chakras as part of the process.

They connect you to the color ray you need for your healing at that moment. They are powerful stones for psychic protection and are also deeply rooted.

They are excellent stones for Reiki practitioners or anyone who does any spiritual or psychic development work.

During meditation with them they align your chakras, leaving you with deep peace.

Where do they come from?

These stones are only found in Britain, although similar stones are found in other parts of the world.

They are mostly composed of Marcasite, also known as White Iron Pyrite. But these stones have different properties than the ones recorded for Marcasite stones from other sources.

They are usually presented in pairs, in a similar way to the Boji Stones and the Shaman Stones, also known as Moqui Marbles, one of the couple’s stones is male and the other female.

The stone with the strongest indentation is usually the male stone. The female stone is not so rough, so marrow.

Helps relieve stress

They provide a means of relieving stress and relieving anxiety and leave you feeling very peaceful. By connecting to the Divine light, they allow you to absorb whatever ray you need, to heal yourself at that moment.

These stones are also strongly defensive, so if you are doing spiritual development work, they are an excellent stone for psychic protection.

The Ascension Stones help to make your meditation stronger in depth and power, and during meditation with them, they will align your chakras.

Marcasite stone

They are deeply rooted, and are also powerful stones for psychic protection, making them excellent stones for anyone doing any spiritual or psychic development work.

How to use it

The night was the first time I used my Ascension Stones in meditation. I was doing my daily crystal meditation in the dark as I often do because I am often more relaxed.

I was working on developing clearer clear abilities, so due to reflection in the dark I could see if my psychic visions were becoming clearer.

The use of these stones shows that it does not matter whether they are light or dark. As I approached them, which happened very quickly, I immediately felt the vibration of the Ascension Stones as I ascended to the higher spiritual realms.

My third eye chakra and crown chakra came alive with the vibrations and at the same time I saw very bright and brilliant colors. Light light blue first, then bright magenta purple and beautiful light medium green afterwards.

The way each color played out, was that I first saw a pronounced circle of the color, then my whole head was completely filled with all of these wonderful colors. Each of them lasted for a while before switching to the next color, and it was a very spiritual experience.

The blue was moving deep and I feel like I made a strong spiritual connection. The energy turned me so high, upward, above the soul star chakra, to the higher transpersonal chakras.

The next color was magenta, a beautiful color that incorporates a combination of red and purple blood. It was incredibly bright and again very spiritual.

When I saw this color it was located in the area just above the soul star chakra, though in a different area than the blue color.

Then the energy went down rapidly, and the green color focused on the heart chakra and the upper heart chakra.

This connection in the heart was filled with deep love and great empathy. Moving completely spiritually and emotionally. I felt the love of the Great Divine Spirit fill me, much stronger than I have ever felt before. Very nice experience!

How will it help you?

When you hold these stones you can feel their power, and while they connect you to the higher chakras, you should not feel space or lack of ground.

These stones are excellent spiritual foundation stones as they carry any extra energy down through the base or root chakra and star chakra to Mother Earth Gaia. They make you feel very relaxed, and reduce anxiety and give a deep feeling of peace.

During the meditations described above, I connected with the Divine light, to bring through various rays, the ones I specifically wanted for my healing at that time.

I was told that this occurrence is quite common with these stones, and it would be a wonderful thing to experience for myself.

Each ray has a specific meaning and applies specifically to each chakra. Although it is outside the scope of this article, if you want to know more about the chakras, you can read the detailed information in my article on the meaning of chakras.

Why would you use it?

It surprised me that my reflections with the Ascension Stones did not give me the lower chakras. As soon as the energy of the heart deteriorated, I understandably knew there would be no more for the night.

It was a wonderful reflection, more beautiful than I normally feel in beauty and depth. Absolutely sublime!

It was interesting the fact that I felt completely afterward, with no space. This is not surprising because Marcasite energy is quite strong.

This stone is known it works within all lower chakras, from the solar plexus or power chakra down. They are an asset to anyone who does spiritual work because they will keep you on earth.

They help Reiki practitioners in burying any extra energy and aligning the chakras. Ask your clients to hold them after treatment to help them land more fully.

Spiritual origins and psychic protection

The Ascension Stones capture strong energy from the star chakras of the soul. The soul star chakra is the eighth chakra, and the first of the transpersonal chakras.

This area is known as the origin of lighting and ascension. The first time you hold one of the Ascension Stones, its deep vibration is usually quite clear.

Most people attach to them easily. Both stones work best when used together.

I’ve found that it doesn’t matter if you hold them together in one hand, or separately, one in each hand.

As long as they are both in contact with you, their combination gives a stronger energy stream, which easily flows into their auric field.

Meditation with stones with a recognizable strong energy is the most useful for them, at least to begin with until you find other ways to use them.

The Ascension Stones differ from other Marcasite stones in that in that they work on any chakra where their energy is required. They bring through whatever beams you need for your particular healing.

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; there is no need for a complex philosophy. Our own brain, our own hearts are our temple; philosophy is goodness. Dalai Lama.

Combine it with other stones

Each one is different, so experience it first and see how the energy feels. Because they contain many Marcasites are known encourage clairvoyanceThey can also help raise psychic gifts.

After using these stones in meditation, I discovered that I can now see the images more clearly as I meditate in the dark. So if you had this problem, they may benefit you too. Some of the stones that go well with it are Magnesite, Aurora Quartz, also known as Anandalite, Prasiolite, Labradorite Crystal, Sugilite, Amethyst and Moldavite, all of which crown chakra stones.

Now I use them with other stones for spiritual development, only to slip them into my pocket while working with other stones.

The Ascension Stones are excellent for use with any well known stone that may not be placed.

They work well when you are doing psychic meditation. Black Calcite Shamanite also contains Marcasite, which is a powerful stone to use for meditation.

They are excellent in combination with yttrium fluorite, also known as lavender fluorite, a stone that makes you detach from the ground very quickly, since it connects you to the crown chakra and above to the transverse chakras .

Other stones that will benefit from being associated with it are Shaman Stones, also known as Moqui Marbles and the Boji Stones. They also have a male and female stone, but unlike these stones they are so susceptible that you can run out of soil very quickly.

They are well known because specifically stimulate the upper chakras, and this also includes high-energy crystal stones. Other crystals that work well with these stones include Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, and Cordierite.

I think the Ascension stones would work very well in combination with any of the third eye chakra stones, crown chakra, and soul star chakra stones as they are effective in helping the higher chakra stones, and protection and provide a psychic foundation.

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