Aurora Quartz: Rainbow High Vibration Quartz Crystal

Aurora Quartz It is a high vibration quartz crystal which is a type of Rainbow Quartz. It is also called Anandalite.

These fine crystals are high-energy crystals with easily recognizable vibration, because the energy passing through is so strong.

The resonance of these crystals is very strong, and they have a beautiful energy that has a delicious description and I have to agree with this description!

When you immerse yourself in this stone vibration, you will truly discover an energy you have never seen before.

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Where does it come from?

Aurora Quartz is a type of natural quartz crystal from India, which naturally displays beautiful flashes of luminescence or rainbow colors in stones.

Because of its metaphysical resonance, it is said to have been registered under the name “Anandalite,” which is said to mean “divine happiness,” and which is true for that name.

It is also called Anandolite by the editors of Judy Hall.

Different colors of this crystal are available and some Amethyst Anandalite is now entering the market.

The color of these crystals can be light white similar to the ones I have here, which was the color of the stones that first came on the market.

Other colors are now available, and their color can be white, gray or lavender, many of which have yellowish brown spots on the stone.

You can find pieces of these stones that don’t show as much color play on the surface of the stones, but still have high vibration, and are metaphysically powerful.

Aurora Quartz is made by nature, and the outer parts of the crystals, rather than within them, are completely natural.

Although this crystal is also called Rainbow Quartz, it is not the same as pieces of quartz that have a rainbow within the crystal structure.

Fractures within the crystals are caused by an internal rainbow. These quartz formations differ in that they have a rainbow on the outside.

Unlike that kind of Rainbow Quartz, Aurora Quartz crystals show a wonderful play of colors or luminescence.

This can be seen on the surfaces of these stones, when they are kept in the light at certain angles. This is said to be due to the inclusion of rhodium in these quartz crystals.

The play of colors looks similar to the colors seen in a man-made rainbow crystal, such as the beautiful Angel Aura and Aqua Aura Quartz crystals, which mankind creates by connecting minerals to purify quartz crystals. .

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Why would you use it?

These crystals have a very high vibration.

If you have been working with crystals and are sensitive to crystalline energy, when you hold these precious stones you are more likely to feel their powerful vibration in some areas of the body.

In particular, they have excellent resonance in the heart and upper heart or thymus chakra. Aurora Quartz has beautiful heart-based energy, but they give you so much more than heart chakra stones.

When you hold them in your hand close to your heart, you really get a vague burden from them.

It seems to me that the vibration of these stones is like a torrent of pure pleasure, inner joy and love, which flows within you and inspires your heart.

Many people will find that wearing Aurora Quartz has feelings of joy and happiness, and a sense of what can be said almost as inner ecstasy – truly beautiful!

This quartz variety will stimulate the higher chakras and is powerful for use in meditation.

They are known to be a safe stone to stimulate kundalini awakening, and are now being recognized as one of the most powerful stones to help you awaken your inner snake.

How will it help you?

As mentioned above, this quartz crystal has great energy in the heart chakra, and is also powerful in opening the upper chakras from the heart upwards.

As energy passes through the higher chakras there are a number of different types of experiences you can have.

We are all different and no experience is more accurate than any other. If you want to develop stronger psychic powers, this stone can help open up new psychic gifts.

This includes experiencing the birth of psychic visions also known as clear abilities.

It is a strong healing stone, and this can help with many health problems. By clearing any corrosive or stagnant energy in your auric realm, this crystal opens the way for ascension, spiritual awakening, and growth.

Enjoy just using Aurora Quartz in meditation, because after a while you may find growth in many spiritual areas of your life.

If you have been doing spiritual work to help you connect with your spirit guide, this can happen naturally.

It may be easier to get in touch with your spirit guides after you have used this beautiful stone, and this can happen by itself, as you meditate on one of these beautiful stones.

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Using Aurora Quartz in Meditation

Aurora Quartz Pendant

These are truly beautiful stones to use in meditation and will easily connect you to the higher realms.

Most people who use them find that they quickly give you a very deep inner awareness. Once you are there you will not want to go back until you have a full experience of everything that is on offer.

Holding a piece of Aurora Quartz for the heart or placed on the body close to the heart ignites a strong surge of energy.

This energy moves rapidly from the heart up, through the throat and third eye chakras to the crown chakra.

This is a pleasurable pleasurable surge of energy, moving from the heart to the upper heart or thymus chakra, giving off this loving energy as it rises.

You are quickly and easily transported to a place of happy spiritual awakening where you connect with your higher self and open yourself to Divine and awakening your inner self.

It commonly opens the crown chakra and lifts you up through the soul star chakra and the stellar gate, to travel within the higher transcendental chakras.

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How to use this crystal to awaken the Kundalini

The practice of kundalini awakening is associated with the idea of ​​“enlightenment,” which makes it a very spiritual process. If you use these high-vibration crystals to awaken your kundalini, you will activate all the chakras.

This energy moves along the entire chakra column from the root chakra to the soul star chakra, which is located in the ether body above the crown chakra.

One of the recommended ways to use this stone to awaken your kundalini is to get a friend to help you. You will need two pieces of Aurora quartz to make it this way.

The way it is used is to have a piece of Aurora Quartz in each of your hands, and the crystals in front of the body.

Ask the person being treated to stand in front of you. Let your intuition guide you on whether you should start at the bottom or at the top.

My favorite place to start is at the feet, as this will also clear any stagnant energy in the feet. If you prefer, you can start with the base chakra or the root chakra.

Start by keeping each crystal about 12 inches from the human body and slowly move the crystal up from the body. If you feel an energy surge at any time, stop and let the crystals give the area extra energy.

You’re more likely to enjoy the energy while doing this too, but focus on the other person and don’t let your own experience distract you.

It’s easy for yourself to react to your energy when you use it on someone else, so it may be a good idea to think about it before you use it to treat someone else.

Continue until you have reached your upper body and finish about a foot above your head, then let the person sit quietly and absorb the energy.

If you are thinking about what you can expect, there are many different ways in which the energy of this stone can impress you.

This can range from a complete kundalini experience to many other types of spiritual experiences.

Most people consider it a very powerful connection, but also a very joyful, loving and joyful connection with a higher spirit and self.

As energy moves up through different chakras, a strong surge of energy usually feels pulsating. Images of different types are usually seen as a link to the source is established.

Most people find that they feel the strong energy of love and joy, melting into a deep spiritual depth that almost takes your breath away with its strength and breadth.

Many people find that it is very different from anything they have felt before because it is changing their energy patterns and helping them to anchor and land their light body on Mother Gaia.

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Useful for helping spiritual growth

Aurora quartz or also known as aromatic crystals have an easy-to-feel vibration, and energy passes through them strongly.

Put it under your headset to help you sleep peacefully, and to help you travel to the spirit world during your sleep, as well as help you sleep better. It can help inspire creative inspiration.

You will enjoy using these beautiful crystals as they have a powerful level of crystalline energy and their vibration is conducive to helping spiritual growth.

The vibration of these crystals is exquisite, with a wonderful energy that has been described as delicious. I have to agree with this description!

When you immerse yourself in this stone vibration, you will truly discover an energy you have never seen before and the result can be a powerful inner growth.

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never diminishes when it is shared. Buddha.

Combine it with other stones

This beautiful stone can be used with any other stone if you want to increase the vibration of the other stone.

None of these high energy crystal stones it will pair well with Aurora Quartz, and especially with any of the stones that help with the ascension process.

Combine with any of the high vibration stones accelerate your spiritual growth. You can choose to use it with crystals such as Herderite, Brookite, Natrolite, Tibetan Tektite, Cryolite, Libya Desert Glass called Lebanese Golden Tektite, Moldavite, Phenachite, Herkimer Diamonds, and Elestial Quartz.

There are some other stones that work well for them help with ascension, and will benefit from being used with this crystal. Crystals that will be useful for this purpose include stones such as shamanite which is a type of black calcite, Yttrium fluorite, blue hemimorphite, ascension stones, the beautiful blue Larimar, and astrophyllite.

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