Axinite: Strong action on the ground, increases strength and endurance

The IS axinites They are strong foundation stones, bringing energy from Mother Gaia, through the ground chakra into the body. This energy increase your strength and endurance.

There is one of them restorative energy charming, and they are known to be powerful aids that allow you to make changes in your life.

They help you follow the flow of life, and change the things that need to be done without compromising what is happening in your life.

They are useful for healing your body, both physically and spiritually, and their healing properties are useful help with foot problems especially.

Its metaphysical properties increase your understanding of the spiritual realms, and help you remember your experience there when you returned.

Is excellent stones for reflectionbecause they help you release ideas that are hindering your progress.

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Where does it come from? Meaning Axinite

This is not a common stone, and although some call it an uncommon stone, it has been found in France, Russia, Australia, Mexico and the United States.

The meaning of its name Axinita comes from the Greek word meaning ax, since its shape is reminiscent of an ax.

It has a triclinic crystal structure, and its crystals are in very thin pieces, which are often grouped together.

Its common color is honey brown, but it can be more purple, violet, gray, green, blue brown, and even almost colorless.

So far the colors of this stone, other than brown, have not come to me, but I hope to show them to you when I find them.

How to use it

This is a solid stone to use in your daily crystal reflections. When using high-vibration stones for crystal reflection, combine Axinite with them to help you stay on the ground.

It has such a strong spiritual action, that it is very useful to avoid spaces or distances you can create while using high vibration stones. This helps you remember the messages coming from the higher realms.

Once you have achieved the necessary deep reflection, you may find that you can access the collective memory of the person or the Akashic records and find out why you are here.

These records may also contain memories Life of the past and help provide the answers you need to live a more peaceful and productive life, in line with spiritual guidance.

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How will it help you?

Axinite crystals have a unique vibration that helps your body function better with greater strength and endurance.

To help with your physical healing, these stones give your body extra energy from the ground up.

They act as a general tonic to improve the general feeling of health and vitality. This helps to increase your well-being, strength and vitality.

Its healing action is known to help the adrenal glands, muscular system, and legs and feet.

They help direct energy from the ground star chakra to the base or root chakra. This results in a feeling of greater physical well-being.

From there, axinite helps this ground energy rise throughout the body through the spine and chakras.

These crystals help to have a clear dream, so keep a piece close to you at night so you can open a clear dream for yourself. They can also help you remember the dreams you had.

When you use them on the third eye chakra, the vibration of these stones is quite strong. It will help with reflection by helping you to dispel intrusive ideas that you are holding back.

Why would you use it?

The vibration of this crystal is very helpful to help you remember what happened while you were meditating.

This is because it helps you keep your mind clear, because of its strong spiritual core energy.

Axinite Stones direct the energy of the earth and raise it through the body and the entire chakra system, towards the higher chakras, and especially towards the third eye chakra.

His action is then useful to stimulate the mind, and will help improve your memory. This is a stone that contributes to friendship in general, whether in business or in your personal life.

It is the birthstone of Aries, which will help you avoid conflict and help you create situations where everyone feels good about the outcome.

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Who should use it?

Axinita helps you understand how to make changes in a winning way.

This is useful in business situations where change is needed, and where an approach is needed that makes everyone involved comfortable with the end result.

They are excellent ground stones, bringing energy from Mother Gaia, through the earth chakra into the body. This energy has good healing properties to heal you physically and spiritually.

These crystals can help heal broken or fractured bones and can specifically help with leg and foot problems. They are excellent aids to increase energy and help with endurance.

These stones have excellent metaphysical properties that create a more successful meditation experience. As they also improve memory, they help you remember your experience then.

Helping you release any thoughts that happen to you may lead you to find more successful reflections by continuing to appear in your mind.

“It’s not worth living just for others” Albert Einstein.

Combine it with other stones

By using it with Cavansite, Menalite, Goethite or Merlinite during meditation, you can learn how to access human collective memory, known as the morphological fields of knowledge or Akashic Records.

To help the action of this stone to help your memory, Combine it with other stones that have good action in this area like Herderite, Datolite, Azurite or Emeralds.

To stimulate your mind, combine it with Heliodorus, Goshenite, Muscovite or Heulandite.

You can choose to use Axinite with high vibration stones with high crystalline energy to aid your action and to aid your spiritual growth. Herderite, as mentioned above, is one of this group of high vibration stones. Other stones in this group that can combine well with it are danburite, natrolite, phenakite, moldavite, and yttrium fluorite.

Use with Zincite or Vanadinite to help improve your physical health and stamina, and combine it with Barite to increase your action and help your memory.

If you want to strengthen your action inspire a clear dream, combine it with the specific stones that will help you do it, to enhance this energy. Stones that will help you start getting used to fragile dreams include Golden Danburite, Escolecite, Goshenite aka Light Beryl, Amphibole Quartz, Staurolite also known as Fairy Stones, Epidosite, Sugilite, Blue Sapphire, Angelite, Kyanite, and Rubies , including Ruby on Kyanite. .

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