Brochantite: Connect with higher realms and inspire intuition

Brochantita natural

Brochantite it is advantageous to use it in the reflection, to assist the intuition and help a stronger connection with the higher kingdoms. Its vibration works within all levels of the ether body and will help you are physically motivated while helping the emotional and spiritual healing. It has useful metaphysical properties, with a strong … Read more

Azurite: Third Eye Activation, inspires spiritual and psychic gifts

azurita geoda

The is azurite stone. It is effective in helping to activate the third eye chakra. This deep blue crystal vibrated within the third eye able to inspire psychic gifts such as clairvoyance and intuition. Its energy also has a strong effect intellectual functions of the brain. It also resonates within the crown chakra, to create … Read more

John Edward, the professional Psychic Medium

john edward

Nowadays, to be known as one of the most famous and influential Psychics and Mediums, John Edward has made a pretty name for himself. In fact, this success has helped him spread his name over book deals and TV shows about his capability of getting in touch with the afterlife. Lots of the people who have anxiously looked for the interaction with … Read more