Blue Apatite: It encourages deep meditation and spiritual reunification

Apatite or Apatite Blue it will stimulate growth a gift of clairvoyance or psychic visions and its magical properties work on the third eye chakra and the throat chakra.

It will help you with the clear dream and astral travel and encourages you to serve in a more humane way.

Apatite blue sphere

This is a strong stone to help develop psychic gifts, and its energy helps with spiritual acquisition. It helps you to accept yourself as you are and to have more confidence in yourself.

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Where does it come from? Meaning of Apatite

The meaning of the word Apatite or Apatite is related to the Greek word ‘apatao’, meaning ‘to attract’. This is so in the past, these crystals were often mistaken for other stones.

Although the Apatite stone is found in many places, the main places from which the blue stone comes are Madagascar, Russia, Brazil and India.

It can appear as prismatic crystals or in massive form. The color of the Apatite Blue can be light blue or blue-green, and it can be a pretty deep color, almost dark navy blue.

Natural blue apatite.  Spiritual propertiesNatural blue apatite

Although Apatite comes in a variety of colors, only the primary colors blue, green and gold are commonly used for metaphysical purposes.

While it comes in other colors, including the beautiful yellow Apatite Yellow stone, the Apatite blue crystals are prime for inspiring the birth of new psychic abilities.

Why use Apatite Azul?

This stone works strongly within the throat chakra and third eye chakra, and is generally a powerful stone to help generate many psychic gifts.

It has a powerful ability to stimulate the development of your visual psychic abilities. The growth of the gift of clairvoyance or psychic visions is quite common among many people who use the stone.

Natural blue apatite.  Stone with great spiritual propertiesNatural blue Apatite stones

If you are a channel, this is also important, and Blue Apatite will help you communicate the message clearly and accurately. The vibration of this stone will clear the aura, especially within the mental body.

Like many blue crystals, it has a strong action within the throat chakra, and will especially help you communicate psychologically. If you want to work in any kind of psychic job, this stone will help you, as is necessary in these jobs so that your communication is clear.

Hold on to it when you do psychic meditation, you can also put it under your headset and you may find that you have dreams that will help you solve difficult problems, creatively.

It has a stimulating effect that can also be helpful if you want to enhance your creativity.

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How will Apatite blue help you? Healing properties

This is an excellent stone to help you if you have weight problemsas it increases the metabolic rate.

It generally has an excellent effect on the body, since it heals the glands and organs of the body. The Blue Apatite has a vibration that acts as an appetite suppressant.

This is a stone that helps you accept you as you are, to see the truth in yourself, because until you can really see your authenticity, change cannot happen.

Apatite Blue StonesApatite Blue Stones

It will help you release any feelings of guilt you may have, and its energy will encourage an increase in self-confidence, and raise your spirits.

It will heal the ether leaks that were happening in your consciousness.

There is often an aspect of the relationship with past life issues that you can have deep feelings about, and its vibration can help you deal with any pain you may have.

It is also an excellent stone to help the immune system, and can also help the eyes see more clearly. This is in both the physical and metaphysical spiritual sense.

Apatite blue.  apatite curiosityBlue Apatite Rolled

How to use the Apatite blue stone

The Apatite Crystal of any color will help you develop your psychic powers, as it will encourage the birth of psychic gifts. If you focus your awareness on the healing of the past life during your meditation, you can find spiritual guidance.

Apatite blue.  healing properties of blue apatiteApatite Blue. Natural stone

By healing the issues of the past and karma release which may be affecting your current life, you may move your life forward.

The vibration within this blue stone facilitates deep reflection, and the best way to use this stone is to meditate. You can use it as part of meditation to develop psychic gifts, as it is very useful for this purpose.

Blue Apatite crystals are especially powerful to help you experience “vertical vision.” This means power look at different levels of consciousness at the same time operating.

It will open wisdom deep inside you and you will be able to access the Akashic Records. It has the potential to foster intense spiritual reunification.

This energy can allow you to fully awaken to the existence of the Divine, allowing you to harmonize your mind, body and spirit, helping natural healing to happen.

If you embrace the process during your daily meditations, you can experience a profound change in your life and a positive transformation in both your spirituality and your health.

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How to use Apatite Blue

Apatite or Blue Apatite stone jewelry can be a deep blue color that is very beautiful, and a joy to wear. You will get the best results if you keep it close to the chakras that have the most effect.

Because it has taken good action to stimulate the third eye, earrings, or a beautiful Blue Apatite pendant would also help.

Apatite blue jewelery.  NecklaceApatite blue pendant

If you can’t find jewelery made from this crystal, the easiest way is to buy a piece of Apatite blue stone and put it in your pocket.

I bought a few sglass holders made of macrame, some with a single piece or slip slip on top, and bags of various sizes to be used to hold the stones. They are easy to use to wrap around the neck and to hold stones on the body, especially rare or less common stones not found in hips.

Supports macrame glass.Supports macrame glass. Buy

This is an excellent stone to use if you work in any type of psychic job, including tarot reading.

It will help to bring you clear, precise and clear psychological communication of the Divine mind, and can motivate you to develop telematics ability.

Pendant gorm apatite. Natural Apatite Pendant

It has a strong action within the third eye and throat chakras and is known to help develop psychic gifts, including mental telescope, clairvoyance, or psychic visions.

The gift of psychic hearing, also known clairaudience, is strongly associated with the throat chakra. In addition, this talent, like most psychic faculties, is associated with the third eye chakra.

Apatite Blue RollsBlue Apatite Rolling Stones

Blue Apatite is a very useful stone to stimulate the growth of your spirituality and health.

Use it in meditation as meditation improves stress levels and regular deep meditation can be powerful in helping you enhance many of the gifts that may be waiting to be released into your life.

When used regularly in meditation, it will help improve your life in many ways, including helping you find ways to become a psychic.

“He who seeks to be a judge of truth and knowledge, the laughter of the gods breaks him.” Albert Einstein.

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Combine it with other stones

Combine Apatite with Black Onyx or other stones to help prevent psychic attacks it is an excellent idea. Onix is ​​also an excellent cornerstone. Using stones to protect yourself will protect you from the influence of the negative opinions of others.

Use it with the Rose Quartz Crystal, that emphasize the vibration of unconditional love to attract and give.

Add Rhodonite strengthen your ability to acquire new talents.

To help you find answers on how to use your psychic gifts, use this stone in reflection with Vanadinite. It is always important when working with any of the stones that can motivate your psychic gifts, to ensure that you are protected from psychic attack.

Clean Quartz ObelisksTransparent quartz

You can combine it with Clear Quartz, as this will raise your wisdom and increase insightful guidance.

You may want to combine the Blue Apatite crystal with any of the throat chakra crystals, and especially with Aquamarine which will help you courage to make changes.

You can use it with other stones that help access Akashic records, including Shaman Stones, Goethite, Chiastolite aka Cross Stone, Afghanite, Menalite, Cavansite, and White Heulandite.

More photos of Apatite Blue stone

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