Epidosite: Allow you to more easily develop psychic abilities

1614201979 piedra Epidota en Cuarzo Epidosita

The IS Epidosite or Epidote crystals on quartz help experience incredible dreams. That is why it is called in English Dream quartz which means Dream Quartz. These dreams are known to be specifically those associated with them prophecies about the future. These crystals are strongly embedded within the higher chakras, and can allow you to … Read more

Cordierite: Helps with imagination and the shamanic journey

1614199930 piedras de cordierita e1543142312297

The IS Cordierite or Iolite The gemstone variety of cordierite is a mineral and is in shade range. These beautiful blue violet crystals can stimulate imagination and this can help your use as shamanic stones. Is sight stones, used to help you in travel outside the body. His energy will help the process of connecting … Read more

Apache Tears: Heals pain and gives protection and foundation

1614198277 Obsidiana Lagrimas apache piedras

The IS Apache Tears They are a Black Obsidian type, but have a friendlier vibe than some other Obsidian types. It may be their strange appearance that is out of shape that makes you feel comfortable around them. They do not change, but are natural crystals. They are strong stones for establishment and protection, and … Read more

Black star diopside: A good connection to the energy of the Earth

Diopsido negro anillo

Black star diopside it makes a good connection with the ground, and vibrates strongly within the base and ground chakras, and is a cornerstone of excellent spirit. This stone energy can help balance your aura and absorb a higher level of light energy within your ether body. It has good crystal properties that will help anyone … Read more

Crystals of Shortness and Prosperity

1614083816 mala Mangano calcita rosa y calcita naranja 225x300

Redundancy and prosperity are one of the most desirable ideals in today ‘s society. We all want to have an abundance of good things in our lives. What is the best and easiest way for you to achieve abundance and success? You may want to express your destiny, if only you knew it. Orange calcite … Read more

Upper Heart Chakra: unconditional love

chakra del Corazon Superior

The upper chakra stones of the heart stimulate the etheric heart, which is the area from which the secret comes. It connects feelings of divine love, compassion, truth, and forgiveness, with the realm from which language comes, allowing you to speak from the heart. Pendant Mangano Calcite Pink Many books refer to this area as … Read more

Morganite or Pink Emerald: The Stone of Divine Love

1614066478 Morganita o Berilo Rosa

It is a stone often called Pink Emerald. So why is it called Pink Emerald? This may be because both stones are types of beryllium. But most likely because of the excellent metaphysical properties of this beautiful pink crystal, as it shakes strongly with beautiful loving energy in the heart and thymus or upper chakras … Read more