Charoite: Highly protective, encourages service in light

1614054004 esfera Charoita

The stone Charoite It is a powerful crystal for all of us, but it has special significance healers, from you it encourages serving others and the Spirit. His energy reaches you, to bring your gifts to the world so that everyone can benefit. Vibration inspires you if you want to give yourself to others. It … Read more

Elestial Quartz or Yacaré: Deep Spiritual Healing Energy

1614015600 piedra cuarzo elestial

The crystals of Elestial Quartz they have very high vibration and are powerful stones to help spiritual growth. These crystals are in line with the vibration of the higher spiritual realms and will help you make a stronger connection with the people there. They are excellent crystals to keep close to them ever since continually … Read more

Creedita: Raise your vibration and expand your consciousness

1614004638 Creedita naranja

The IS creedite crystals have a high crystalline energy, which gives through a powerful resonance. This causes a expand within your higher chakras and raises your overall vibration. It is the vibration of these crystals easy to feelespecially in the upper chakras. They have a strong resonance within the throat chakra that aids communication. Gives … Read more

Serafinita: Touch the angels and the Divine Feminine

1613926103 Serafinita verde

Serafinite it has a beautiful spiritual energy that helps your connect with beings in the angel realm and it can help you do that touch the Divine Feminine. It can help with your search spiritual insight, and will help you with self-healing. This green and silver crystal has a very powerful set of attributes, including … Read more

Sugilite: The First Stone of Love

1613862127 piedras Sugilita

Sugilite it is a crystal that offers you many gifts that will allow you to improve your life. Jewelers sell it as “The first stone of love”, and is one of the most important stones of love. It is one of the strongest crystals that can be used to protect yourself from negative entities, and … Read more

Pyrite Stones and Crystals

Pirita e1545940782808

The IS Iron Pyrite it is a strong stone to promote positive thinking and expression. It is a beautiful golden color, and for centuries has been called ‘imitation gold’. Like real gold, it has a charming luster and its shiny, golden appearance invites the eye. It will bring favorable energy to your business, making it … Read more

Pietersite: Create a deep spiritual awareness


Pietersite Given moderate stone since it is a stone that carries a load, like a storm that is not released in it. Bring clean energy to help you create change. This is a crystal that is very exciting for your energy field, and that helps you let go of unwanted habits and negative ways to … Read more