Celestine: Get in touch with your guardian angels

Celestine or Celestite It is a sweet blue crystal, with a soft and beautiful vibration. A druse of this beautiful blue stone in your bedroom is a great thing for your emotional state as it is soothing and touching.

It has strong metaphysical properties that help you develop the gift of prophecy and other psychic abilities. It helps with mental clarity while clearing and sharpening the mental faculties.

Druse Celestina

While it appears to be nothing but crystals with a sweet and smooth energy on the surface, a strong stimulating effect on spiritual and psychic gifts.

How can you use this beneficial stone to raise your spiritual growth, and how to use it to contact your angels guardians?

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Where does it come from? Meaning Celestite

The celestial has been found in Libya, Egypt, Madagascar, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Peru, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Also known as Celestina, its color range is blue, white, gold, yellow and red.

The composition of this mineral is strontium sulfate. It occurs in compact form, as fibrous masses and as pyramidal or tabular crystals.

It is found in combination with other minerals such as Albite, Halite and Anhydrite.

Although it has many different colors, blue stone is the most common, while some of the others can be powerful crystals for use for metaphysical purposes.

They can be harder to find and although I was able to find white chunks of this stone, they are not common.

The meaning of its name comes from the Latin ‘coelestis’, meaning ‘heavenly’. This refers to the beautiful blue color of these stones, and the way they make an angelic heavenly connection.

You can get beautiful clusters from this stone and many of them are quite large. You can also get polished stones or fine natural pieces, which are the most common type of stone available.

It is easy to buy in heaven, including small natural chunks and rolling stones, and you may also want to have one of the most beautiful drusen in the room.

Celestine mineral. Properties of these crystals

Celestite crystals help you contact your guardian angel. These crystals are a soft blue color and have a high vibration, which is excellent for use in reflection.

His energy is soothing and moving, and will help in contact with angels. The soft blue color of these stones is very tasty, and they are beautiful both physically and spiritually.

Its charming energy is immediately visible when you pick it up. Most of the pieces on the market are celestial clusters, with fewer individual pieces available.

Celestina natural stones

This mineral allows you to access the upper transcendental chakras, and through the crown chakra you open the chakra soul star, also known as the eighth chakra.

The eighth chakra is the source of divine wisdom. Using this area can help you on your journey to ultimate ascension and enlightenment.

The stone is so beautiful to look at and its energy is sweet and harmonious, but it has a spiritual punch, which surprises me.

At the same time it helps you discover your spiritual guidance, connect with your guardian angel, and develop the gift of prophecy.

This is a stone for spiritual progress, and an important part of your personal journey. It is about contacting the angels and especially the angel who is your guardian for the rest of your life.

These three higher chakras play a role in promoting the development of any psychic gifts, including clairaudience, also known as psychic hearing, stronger intuition, and clairvoyant ability.

By stimulating all three chakras at the same time, you will probably discover that these gifts and some other psychic abilities can also be developed.

Once you have successfully purchased a stone of this crystal it is very beneficial to keep it in yourself.

Celestina Beads

There are many other benefits that can arise during use, for example alleviate anger and create patience and serenity.

He has the ability to help the dream memory, and can open your cells for angels to heal.

Its energy while you are asleep gives you a positive vibration, which will stay with you in the morning. It is an extremely emotionally supportive energy and helps to cleanse your ether field.

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Can you use it to connect with angels?

Celestine crystals have a beautiful strong vibration that will help you connect with angels and other members of the angel kingdoms, especially your guardian angel.

Gelest Celestina

These crystals lift you to the area where you can access Divine healing. Its vibration will allow you to more easily touch your spirit directions.

At the same time the third eye will be opened, and this able to evoke clear clairvoyant psychic abilities.

To help you begin the process of connecting with the angels, keep a druse of this beautiful stone close to you, or hold a piece on your body, or do both.

Once you learn easy meditation ideas, you may want to keep it close to you, such as on your lap, during meditation.

This is a stone for everyone to use, but especially heaters may want a piece of this stone to be a healing room.

Celestite is a beautiful mineral quite positive healing vibration, and also helps to clear negative energy, and has the healing qualities of helping the lungs and breathing.

Gelest Celestina

How to use Celestine stone

It will benefit anyone who wants to use a celestial piece raise your spiritual development and / or psychic abilities.

This is a crystal that is powerful to use, but sweet, smooth and serene so it seems to be easier to use its energy.

They are high-vibration crystals that resonate with strong crystalline energy, which they can help encourage the birth of psychic gifts.

I bought quite a few pieces of this mineral, and I like the small ones as well as the big ones, as it is an advantage to be able to have it in the hand or carry a piece on the body.

Gelest Celestina

The energy of each piece, from the small pieces to the relatively large clusters or drusen, was all very similar and very powerful.

It’s a nice thing to have my druse in my healing room, or sometimes in the bedroom, because its vibration is great.

Although it is primarily a stone for the higher chakras, most of them are blue crystals so you can understand that it is also a stone for the throat chakra.

By clearing and sharpening mental facilities, you will improve mental balance and improve mental clarity.

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Simply put a piece in your room

These stones are on the list of zodiac birth stones as they are a Gemini birthstone, and it will be very beneficial to wear beautiful jewelery made from this stone.

If you can’t make jewelery out of this stone, just put a piece in your pocket, as this will be very beneficial for you.

The celestial crystal will inspire the gift of psychic hearing, also known as clairaudience. It is a crystal that has many gifts to give you and is known to help create better psychic communication skills.

Druse Celestina

How you use it is up to you. If you just want to put one of those lovely blue creations in the room where you spend most of your time, and maybe that’s the bedroom, this will benefit you.

The energy of these crystals can help you learn to be psychic and can help you develop your intuitive gifts as well as encourage clairvoyance.

Enjoy its beautiful energy and feel loved and thanked for the myriad of gifts it will bring into your life from its special vibration.

Time does not stop for anyone. As times change, so can you.

Combine it with other stones

Celestial is a high-vibration crystal, so it pairs well with other high-vibration stones. The IS high frequency crystals They could be divided into two groups, those with an energy you could deal with, and those with a softer focus.

  • The stones with the main focus bog These are Datolite, Escolecite, Berilonite, Danburite, Stellar Ray Calcite, Kyanite, Selenite and Petalite. If you already have any of these stones and are using their energy, you will have an idea of ​​how you will personally respond to the energy.
  • Those who have a more powerful energy They are Herderita, Satyaloka Quartz, Herkimer Diamonds, Phenachite, Natrolite and Moldavite.

Other stones that help touch the angel field They are the Star Clusters of Aragonite, Lepidocrocite, Petalite Pink, Ghost Angel Quartz, Kammererite, Polucite, Apophyllite, Angelite, Berylonite and Seraphinite, so any of them would be a good combination for reflection.

For to stimulate action and stimulate intuition, you can choose to use it with Herderite, Merlinite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Calcite, Euclase, Hackmanite, Sodalite, Smithsonite, Labradorite, Mokaite Jasper also known as Mook Jasper or Amethyst Crystals.

The wonderful crystals to use with it are Que Sera crystals, a help clairaudience and increase your energy, among other things.

Using it with Cerussite, a spiritual alchemy stone, will help with the way Cerussite works and it will help your spiritual connection.

All the stones from the high-energy crystal group combine well with the celestial bodyIt just depends on how you want to use the energy.

More images of Celestina or Celestita

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