Clarification, Psychic Gifts and everything you need to know

Many people have a strong psychic understanding of psychic knowledge or claircognition. It is where your guides, or even your higher self, make direct contact with your mind.

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This psychic ability is very similar in many ways to intuition, although psychic knowledge can be moderately strong communication that would surprise some people.

This may be because the spirit in particular wants you to have information that they need to know, so that you can take action on it.

There are several psychic senses, and the lines are often blurred. What they have in common is that it is about communicating with the spirit.

However, these are two separate gifts, although they are closely related. While many people have a combination of psychic powers, the spirit can use the gift of clairvoyance at a time that is different from any other communication.

What is psychic knowledge? How Different Psychic Gifts

Other psychic gifts are also spiritual communications, and many people have more than one function at the same time.

At first these gifts can be given individually, especially when the important information comes from the spirit.

What is Psychic Knowledge?

Psychic knowledge uses the understanding of clairvoyance, so what is clairvoyance? Claircognition is associated with direct contact with Spirit that occurs directly and immediately. It is similar to psychic hearing in that information is implanted directly into the brain. This is different from the way most people get intuition, such as By having instinct or instinctive. Surely you’ve heard of intuition and felt it in action, since it has a strong connection to clairvoyance or a psychic feeling.

clarification and psychic giftsGreen Prehnite is one of the stones that inspires psychic knowledge or clairvoyance

The IS clairvoyance seeing psychic visions is a gift. This is where you touch a spirit, and you psychologically see a message from a spirit, like a vision in your mind.

The IS clairaudience it is a gift of psychic listening. You touch the spirit and listen to the message, using your true hearing.

How to achieve your goal

To help with the development of this psychic gift, regular meditation is also important and very effective. Meditation helps you learn ways to be psychic as it works by altering your brain waves.

As your brain slows from the normal day-to-day beta wave to the slowest alpha wave, you will find that the flow of information from the source increases.

Two specific areas of the brain, the amygdala and the anterior cingulate cortex, are said to be involved in the development of these abilities.

clarification and psychic giftsShattuckite gorm

By using isochronic tones, you can activate these areas of the brain and you may find that your gifts develop faster and faster.

At first you may not trust yourself or believe in this gift. As you work with this new gift, your prophetic talents can also begin to open up.

Through this you can gain a deep awareness of the truth about many things that are happening in your daily life.

To increase your ability to guide your psychic awareness, an easy way to get started is to start writing in your diary every day.

If you do something new to help your development, like wearing new crystals, write this down in your diary. The insight that comes through the crown chakra can be used to anticipate problems if you pay attention to the information that comes.

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Working with Crown Chakra

Psychic knowledge reaches the brain directly from a spirit and although it happens quickly, it is actually following a specific path.

These thoughts, or spiritual energy, pass through the crown chakra into the nerve bundle in the center of the brain, and are immediately available in your thoughts.

clarification and psychic giftsLabradorite crystal ball

There are several crystals, including Green Prehnite, Shattuckite, and Labradorite Crystals that are powerful stones that contribute to the development of this gift.

Use Labradorite in the upper chakras to clear any negative energy present. If you want to develop this gift, use visualization.

Imagine the energy flowing into the crown chakra from the upper transcendental chakras, including the soul star chakra.

To allow psychic knowledge to flow more easily, the star gate above the crown chakra must be able to allow this flow.

One way to help with the process is to work with crystals that stimulate the soul star chakra and the crown chakra, so that these areas allow this flow.

If you work on these chakras, you may find that the gift of clairvoyance can develop during the process.

How Claircognition Works

The channel in this way is clairvoyance in written form and is commonly called automatic writing. White Magnesite is a very useful stone for developing clairvoyance.

Starting a diary, recording these things for your own information, will help you to be more confident in the future. This is the easiest way to use this sense, as it comes directly to your hand from the spirit.

Later you may find that you develop the ability to channel directly from spirit. If you write automatically on a regular basis and at the same time every day, it will work better.

clarification and psychic giftsMagnesite ignores psychic awareness

So what exactly is this psychic gift and how does it work?

Psychological knowledge or clairvoyance is so called, because not many people know it. Sometimes this knowledge is so subtle that you might lose it, but as soon as you develop your other psychic senses it seems to be elevated. It is very fast and sometimes very naval. So how do you know it’s the spirit that speaks to you, and not just your imagination working overtime?

The ego controls the conscious mind, and this often keeps your thoughts focused on your life and your life, and on the things that benefit you.

Ideas that come from the spirit come from a higher perspective, and are often ideas that will help others, or your own spirituality.

These thoughts came to mind, then you realize they were valid. At the time, however, there was no connection to anything you were thinking about.

To the extent that they are often not fully known to you at the time. This gift may also be associated with a strong introduction to upcoming events.

Books that aid in psychic development

The books and CD set shown below are excellent resources to help you if you are working on developing psychic abilities.

This includes working to develop your psychic intelligence and awareness. In her books Sonia provides a lot of excellent information on how to work with her spirit guides.

It also provides information on how to dial and record your own experiences of your contact with spirit.

clarification and psychic giftsYttrium fluorite also known as lavender fluorite

Sonia Choquette has been working as a psychic reader and teacher in development for many years. So she brings this wealth of experience to her writing.

While his books cover a range of different aspects, they all go through the processes that help you develop your psychic gifts.

They are all excellent books to help you set your feet on the path to developing true psychic abilities.

If you want to read reviews of these books by Sonia Choquette, click here.

Regular meditation to develop psychic powers is a great help to anyone working on strengthening any of their psychic gifts. This includes working to develop your intuition as well as your psychic awareness.

You have to make sure that you protect yourself from negative entities when you open a spirit.

clarification and psychic giftsAmethyst Cacoxenite or Super Seven

Make sure to use psychic protection methods every day, and if you like, add the special high-protection crystals.

If you work in any of the highest chakras, you will lose your foundation, so use spiritual methods to protect yourself.

Psychic knowledge is a gift that many people already have, but they don’t really know is functioning in their lives until they read it.

If you have already developed this gift, let the precious thoughts that come to you from the divine source guide you in your life. You may find that you are in charge of the life you really want.

Perhaps the truth depends on a walk on the lake. Wallace Stevens.

Specific Crystals to Assist the Ability of Psychological Knowledge

Develop your psychic gifts

Are you working on developing your psychic abilities? Find out how specific crystals can help.

This site contains articles about some psychic powers you can find, and lists of crystals on individual pages to help you do just that.

clarification and psychic giftsLabradorite helps to develop psychic gifts

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