Epidosite: Allow you to more easily develop psychic abilities

The IS Epidosite or Epidote crystals on quartz help experience incredible dreams. That is why it is called in English Dream quartz which means Dream Quartz. These dreams are known to be specifically those associated with them prophecies about the future.

These crystals are strongly embedded within the higher chakras, and can allow you to more easily develop psychic abilities, including mental telescope and prophetic ability.

In addition, they are known to connect you to the bedtime of indigenous races, and from a connect with ancient shamans of faithFor that reason we can also find it under the name shamanic quartz or shaman dream quartz.

They have a strong action to help you control your dreams by using vivid dreaming techniques.

These stones have powerful metaphysical properties that make them wonderful crystals for use in meditation when they can help astral travel.

Their energy can make you feel more positive about life and they have some other healing properties.

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Where does it come from? Meaning of Dream Quartz

The meaning of the name of this crystal is related to the way they help you to motivate you to experience vivid dreams and to remember your dreams more easily.

It can also be found selling as Chiron stone, and there are two types of Axis Quartz or Epidosite with very different appearances. They have different qualities in some way.

One type of this crystal is a clear quartz with green inclusions. In this type you can see that there is a clear incorporation of Green Epidote.


Some pieces may also contain Actinolite. The other type of Epidosite crystals come from Colombia and usually look very different and are quite opaque. Many of these second types are not transparent and have a discolored green appearance.

Others are less mischievous and may have easily seen streaks or ghosts in them.

The stones usually sold under this name are green in color, varying in shade from very pale green or blue-green which is almost white, to a nice olive green.


They can be found in a number of shades of green, including some rare gray-like stones. They usually contain Epidote and Actinolite because of the opaque green quartz crystals. You can see both types of photos on this page.

This variety of quartz is usually formed as prismatic crystals, and can have a similar appearance and structure to many other types of quartz.

Why use Dream Quartz or Epidosite?

The name of these stones obviously makes you aware of their most valuable attribute, which is how they help you get more dreams and can beneficially increase your sleep.

They specifically help to inspire clear dreamingso if you want to experience a clear dream, keep it close during sleep and during the day to increase the level of energy that affects you.


Their energy can help you learn more about the bedtime of the native races and establish a connection with old shamans in the spirit world.

These crystals are also well known for their ability to stimulate prophet dreams it can inform future events. This can be very helpful in preventing you from taking certain actions so that you can avoid situations that could be personally detrimental to your future well-being or the well-being of others in your life.


So what are lucid dreams? The IS lucid dreams it is primarily about the ability to know that you are asleep and dreaming. Once you develop this awareness, you may become able to control certain situations within the dream.

They can also help you have a greater ability to remember your dreams and, over time, help you remember more details about what happened in your dreams.

These crystals are useful for use in the previous life investigation. They can be helpful in helping you recall gifts or abilities from past lives, in order to help you be able to do different things.

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How to use? How will it help you?

These quartz crystals are excellent for use in meditation for a number of reasons, including to aid astral travel. These stones resonate within the higher spiritual chakras as the soul star, the crown chakra, and the third eye chakra that will help your spiritual growth. One goal that people often enjoy is that the use of psychic abilities can motivate them.

Also able to help you establish a connection with spirit guides, which can guide you to take the next step in your spiritual development. If you have already developed any of the range of psychic powers that can be achieved, the use of these crystals can stimulate the progress and growth of these gifts.

It is a useful crystal to help the expand your visual abilities, which can enhance clear gifts and can stimulate clairaudience and telepathic abilities.

If you want to experience a shift of thought, especially if you and your partner are working on this gift at the same time, the use of these crystals can be helpful.

So if you’re in an intimate relationship and often sleep in the same room with your partner, it can be helpful to have a piece under your headset.

This will help both of you develop mental telepathy, as well as give you a peaceful sleep. They also resonate within the chakra of the upper heart, so that they can increase loving energy when kept in the bedroom.

Who should use it? Prevention of nightmare

These crystals are too useful if you or your family have problems with nightmares. If you are a parent, you may be worried when you find out that your baby is having a nightmare, in which they wake up feeling scared and often do not want to go back to sleep. The same applies to you, of course, if you have trouble with nightmares or want to sleep better.


As they help remove negative energy from the room, their vibration can help your children sleep better. So if your kids find it difficult to sleep for this reason, you could put a piece in the bedroom next to or next to the bed, and it might help.

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Healing properties

Because Epidote is inside these crystals, they have a similar action to help. If you have used Epidote in the past and did not like its energy, it may be worthwhile to look at what its energy has brought into your life, in order to help you release any problems with it .

Both are crystals that encourage weight loss, which can be beneficial if you are working on this topic. Some people gain weight because of their inability to release thoughts and feelings, even though it is clearly difficult to release them.

These may be ideas discovered during your previous life explorations or they may be related to events you remember that happened earlier in your life, including situations from your childhood.


These crystals help you release negative thoughts which prevents you from making changes in your life, which will help you lose weight and may improve other areas of your life.

They have a number of other healing properties, including their action to help heal joint pain, as well as help heal painful sprains and bruises.

They are also said to help heal cysts and tumors. Epidote inclusion in these crystals is also known to help cure problems within the immune system, adrenal glands, gallbladder, liver, thyroid, brain and nervous system.

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength resides.” Santa Teresa.

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Combine it with other stones

If you want to use the dream quartz to increase your capacity lucid dreamsYou may want to use it in combination with other dream stones, and there are many more. The list of stones for this purpose includes crystals such as Escolecite, Wavellite, Gaspeite, Axinite, Blue Sapphire, Blue Kyanite, Ruby on Kyanite, Ruby, or Rainbow Moonstone.

There are quite a few high vibration crystals that you could choose to use with it, which will help stimulate sleep activity stronger, including Herkimer Diamonds, White Heulandite, Blue Kyanite, Moldavite, Escolecite or Danburite. These stones are also known to help you have dreams related to seeing future events. Predictive dreams can be enhanced with other stones called the stimulants prophet dreams such as Butterfly, called Aurora Borealis stone, Green Prehnite or The Stone of Prophecy.

The gift of prophecy is known to aid the use of this stone in meditation, although it may take some time to develop.

It can also be useful to use it with other stones that stimulate the prophetic ability, such as wollastonite, kauri gum, Siberian blue quartz, blue tourmaline, Chrysoberyl cat eye or Chrysolite, Prehnite, Shungite or Celestine.

While these crystals may have a good action when used alone to help you if you are doing previous life work, it can be helpful to combine them with other stones that inspire previous life recall seo. The stones to help investigate Life of the past These include Ancestralite, Ankerite, Cerussite, Menalite, Selenite, Dioptase, Kernite, or Petrified Wood.

The psychic gift of clairaudience It can be enhanced by using this stone alone, or you can combine it with other stones that will help develop this gift. Specific stones that can be used for this purpose include a number of well-known stones such as Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Herkimer Diamonds, Selenite, or Celestine.

Other less common crystals that have good action stimulate clairaudient abilities These include Hypersthene, Blue Apatite, Cordierite, Eudialite, or Dumortierite.

This crystal also inspires telepathic capabilities, which can be enhanced by combining it with other crystals that have a good action to stimulate mental telescope. Stones such as Seraphinite, Escolecite, Covellina, Staurolite, Heliodorus, Angelite, Axinite, Amphibole Quartz, Benitoite and Amegreen are useful for this purpose.


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