Dumortierite: Increase patience and enhance intellectual abilities

The IS Dumortierite It is a stone that teaches you to protect yourself. It will help you take control of your own life and increase your level of patience.

This crystal is very stimulating for the brain and provides enhanced intellectual abilities as it helps with all the mental skills, both math and language.

Is very stimulating for the pineal gland located behind the third eye on the top, if you have the ability to develop psychic powers, it is a powerful stone to increase many psychic gifts.

These stones will help you if you are working in a psychic position, including if you work in the field of astrology, or if you are a tarot reader. This stone contributes to their accuracy, in interpreting the information they receive from the Divine mind.

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Where does it come from? Meaning Dumortierite

The meaning of its name comes from the name of the French pathologist Dumortier, from which it derives its name.

Deposits were found in Madagascar, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Canada, Poland, France, Brazil and the United States. It is often found in bulk form, and can be obtained as a radiant aggregate.

The colors of the stone range from pink or brown, to purple blue and dark blue. The dark blue variety of stone is the most common, although raw natural stone may appear slightly lighter.

Now you will find this mineral sold as an inclusion in Quartz, and these are very beautiful crystals, see image below.

Do you want to improve your intellectual skills? This dark blue stone has a strong ability to aid intellectual activity within the brain, and will help you develop enhanced mental abilities.

Dumortierite is a very useful aid for anyone studying, as it helps to retain information, as well as improve power and self-control.

The pineal gland is located within the third eye chakra and is located behind the center of the forehead. It is this realm, the foundation of psychic ability, that greatly encourages the use of this stone.


They help you stabilize your emotions, and this is helpful because these stones can create a big change. If you are willing to work with the change, these crystals give you many gifts.

They will also help you to be patient, which is always an advantage, especially if you work with the community.

It is primarily a third eye chakra stone, but will have a beneficial effect within the crown chakra and throat chakra.

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Why would you use it? Developing Psychic Skills

Using Dumortierite can increase your telepathic abilities, which means it can increase your ability to hear other people’s ideas.

This is a stone that is excellent for stimulating the brain and mind on many levels, making it an extremely useful stone to throw.

By assisting with intellectual activity, it will help you in many different areas of your life, including the use of your enhanced psychic gift that brings you through.

If you want to develop your psychic powers, it may be beneficial for you to do daily psychic meditations, with them in your hand.


Natural Dumortierite crystals are a a strong frequency that will help you hear the voice of Divinity.

Their vibration is pretty obvious, and if they are already using their psychic abilities, they will quickly improve with regular use.

Through the action of the stone energy within the throat chakra, you gain higher abilities to communicate more clearly.

This energy can help your psychic communication skills, and by using it can throw up the vision of life, as well as improve most of the psychic abilities.

These beautiful blue stones will help you develop some of the least known psychic powers, including prophetic vision, psychotherapy, psychic awareness, channeling, and focused automatic writing.

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Who Should Use Dumortierite?

This crystal also has an extraordinary ability to help you get many psychic gifts.

This includes most of the best known as psychometrics, clear abilities, clairaudience also known as psychic hearing and will help increase your intuition.


This stone is also a stone to help those with addiction, work easier through the issues involved.

It will help you with addiction problems, and highlight the patterns in your current life that underlie why you have these addictions.

By keeping a piece of Dumortierite under your headphone at night, this will be an effective way to get the energy from the stones to work with you for a long period of your day.

You may prefer to wear it during the day, but keep it within your aura to make the most of its unique vibration.dumortierite

The best type of clothing to wear are pendants and earrings, or Dumortierite stone bead necklaces.

They make beautiful jewels from crystal, and since they are Leo birthstones you should be able to buy jewelery made from these stones, although they are not as common as some stones.

Bringing it as close as possible to the vibrating chakra and the area you want to develop will greatly help you. These powerful blue stones are on the list of zodiac birth stones.

How to use it

Buying dumortierite stones is relatively easy, so put a blue stone in your pocket if you wish. This is beneficial as it helps keep the energy working on you throughout the day.

One of the best ways to use almost all natural crystals is to use them in meditation. Hold a stone in your hand as you sit down to meditate, or better yet, hold two, one in each hand.

dumortieriteDumortierite ring in quartz

This can help you understand exactly the direction in which you have to take your life, and can help you learn how to be a psychic.

Once you start using them regularly, your patience will increase and this will flow to make the process easier.

During your meditation with these crystals, you may be able to tune into the frequency of the Divine Mind.

First, you may not need to know the meaning of this communication. But as you go along, divine guidance may begin to be available to you.

“Not only are you a subtle thinker to be a philosopher, but to love wisdom so that it will live according to its dictation.” Henry David Thoreau.

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Combine it with other stones

It is a stone of La Fenaquita high crystalline energy which is beneficial to combine with this crystal. Septaria stones will help you in this area as they are also beneficial protect you psychologically.

To help you find answers on how to use yours psychic gifts, use this blue crystal in reflection with Vanadinite, Hypersthena or Que Sera Crystals.

If you combine Dumortierite with Unakite, Datolite, Staurolite, Smithsonite, Hematite, Purple Amethyst or Dravite aka Brown Tourmaline, in any combination, it will be effective to help fighting addiction.

If you are doing spiritual development work you can be disconnected from the earth. It’s a good idea to make sure you take root spirit regularly to make sure you stay healthy.

It is an easy preventative action reflections to ground, in the ground star chakra.

There are some stones that are both ground stones and psychic protective stones, and it is important to keep one of these in yourself while working with your psychic gifts. Crystals of amethyst, black tourmaline, sugilite and amber are highly recommended for this purpose, and they can help you in other ways too.

The combination of this stone with Blue Sapphire or Blue Azurite will help your mental capacity. It will help you restructure your DNA when combined with Prehnite and Golden Rutilated Quartz.

It is beneficial to combine it with other stones that will help enhance your part willpower, including Sardonice, Iron Pyrite, Preseli Blue Stone, Pietersite, Carnelian Orange, and Libyan Desert Glass.

Lapis Lazuli, Lazulite, Arfvedsonite, Kammererite, Euclase, Vivianite, Blue Scapolite, The Stone of Prophecy Auricalcite are crystals that are also stones third eye chakra. Any of the third eye chakra stones are used effectively in combination with this stone to deepen your part psychic abilities.


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