Eilat Stone: It fuses the loving energy of the heart with the mind

Eilat Stone There are a strong emotional energy that can water your eyes. Encourage loving emotions as you work to adjust and tune your emotional system. It is beautiful to look at and has a very nice heart-based loving energy that feels very deep.

The Eilat Stone also known as the King Solomon Stone is a copper-based stone composed of a mixture of many of the known copper-based minerals. This can be included azurite, chrysocolla, turquoise and malachite, as well as other less common minerals.

This combination combines the energy of an unusual blue and green crystal to create a stone with a loving energy that has a strong action within many chakras.

It has strong metaphysical properties that create a calming and balanced reaction, combined with a loving, heart-based spiritual energy.

Your vibration will help your mind and emotions work together to create a wonderful improvement in the way you look at life.

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Where does it come from? Meaning of Eilat Stone

Eilat Stone

The meaning of this stone name relates to the place where it was first found, on the Sinai Peninsula in Israel, near a place called Eilat. The Stone of Eilat is the national stone of Israel.

These magnificent stones were found in the copper mines, which date from the Bronze Age, and were made under the supervision of King Solomon.

Also known as the stone of Israel, its vibration is associated with the very spiritual energy in this place, and its strong and deep colors are very beautiful.

The original mine sank during the flood a few years ago, but there are other mines in the same area that mine this stone, so stone can be obtained from these mines.

A similar stone can also be obtained from Peru, but can be sold as Azurite-Malachite-Chrysocolla, and may not include the full range of minerals contained in real Eilat stone.

It is the national stone of Israel, and is called “the stone of King Solomon.” You can get it in the form of polished stone and make it into beautiful Eilat stone jewelery that would be great to wear.

The Eilat stone is an association of various copper minerals: malachite, chrysocolla, turquoise, azurite, pseudo-malachite, etc.

It is a blue and green stone, found in the mines of King Solomon (ancient copper mines of Egypt, 6000 years ago), in the region of Timnah, Eilat, in the great south of Israel; These mines are a place, archaeological excavations today and can be visited. It can be polished and placed on jewelery. Today, most of the “Eilat stones” are imported from copper mines in other countries

How will it help you?

Eilat Stone

The mineral azurite contained in these crystals helps to establish a connection between the third eye and the crown chakra, areas of psychic powers.

It can help the wisdom born in you, as this is a common result. This stone has also been called the “wise stone” because it brings wisdom and good judgment to decision-making.

It is an excellent crystal to help you find an imaginative solution to life’s challenges, and will help enhance your creativity.

The vibration of this stone is helpful in stimulating your communication skills, as it has a strong action within the throat chakra.

It clears negative energy, loss and pain, in the throat chakra and in the thymus or upper heart chakra, especially in cases in the past that have not been released.

These can be linked to negative conversations and verbally expressed emotions. It balances yin and yang, and does not need to be considered effective, and is known to help with the arts of singing and dancing.

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Use of Eilat stone

Eilat Stone

This is a precious stone to throw on the body, as it helps to stimulate feelings of love. It also helps to cleanse the energy within any chakra that suits your personal needs.

Wearing Eilat Stone jewelery will help remove negativity from your environment and positively translate negativity.

This is an excellent stone for psychic protection, so it is useful to use this stone. Having a piece in your environment to help clean up the negative energy field is also powerful.

Eilat stone contains a mixture of minerals that will unite the mind and emotions.

The amalgamation of these energies helps to stimulate the higher mind and apply spiritual energy.

This can stimulate your psychic abilities, including psychic gifts as a development of your intuition and psychic visions, commonly known as clairvoyance.

Why would you use it?

Eilat Stone

This is a crystal with high vibration that is clearly felt only by sitting close. It amazed me how much it affected me from the moment I brought a piece to live with me.

The energy from this crystal will easily connect to your heart and to your heart or higher heart chakra, and you can feel the energy of the Eilat Stone working in it.

When I took my first piece home, I put it on a shelf next to my desk. The strong emotions inside my heart and thymus began shortly thereafter.

This continued for a few hours before I realized it was an Eilat stone at work. You will continue to work until you have achieved your action of spiritually combining your heart energy, throat chakra and heart energy.

This continued for a few hours before I realized it was an Eilat stone at work. You will continue to work until you have reached your action on the energy of your heart, throat chakra, and spiritually combining the upper heart chakra or thymus chakra.

I knew in particular about his action during the early days. Then her intensity dropped a bit, perhaps as my body and spirit began to adapt and change due to her stimulated vibration.

It is beneficial to embrace these feelings, doing your daily reflections with your particular crystal, as I did, allowing it to do its work.

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Who should use it?

Eilat Stone

It is known to be very effective in helping to alleviate your feelings while you are feeling bad. This beautiful stone is a great resource to use in meditation to help you tune into your chakras.

The energy of this stone is said to contribute to telepathic ability among soul mates. It is known to be a stone suitable for use as part of sacred marriage ceremonies. This applies to marriages where there is a strong connection between heart and soul.

It is said that if the Eilat Stone is thrown during this wedding ceremony, it will create a special desire for its energy as the loving energy of the universe is brought into the ceremony.

If you have problems from the past related to emotional problems that need to be cured, such as rape, genital mutilation, or other violent events, this will help with healing and closure.

The lower chakras can be affected if you have abused spiritual power or just stopped using your spirituality to its full potential.

This stone also has excellent action within the solar plexus or power chakra. This is related to its action to cure any problems related to energy flow within the three lower chakras.

How to use it

Eilat Stone

The stone of Eilat has a strong loving energy that mixes the energy of the heart and mind.

Create a connection between the heart, throat, and chakras of the upper heart to cure emotionally deeply vibrating emotional problems.

Whether you are working on combining the energy of your throat, thymus and heart chakras or helping your base or root chakra, sacral or solar plexus, you will do all that is necessary for your highest benefit.

Meditation with him will heal you spiritually, in the way that best suits your needs. Its healing action can help with health problems like adrenal problems, liver problems and premenstrual tension.

It is said to help heal bones and tissues, including healing broken bones. It can help heal the feet and help create better overall health in the body.

This stone is also helpful in curing problems within the upper chakras, including the thyroid, nipples and fever.

It is the national stone of Israel and is also called “King Solomon ‘s stone.” It connects the heart and the mind, helping you to have a better perspective on life.

Eilat stone helps restore proper flow of energy to these lower chakras and will help cure health problems in this area, and may encourage better use of your personal power.

«Love has no desire other than to fulfill itself. Melt and be like a stream that plays its melody at night. Wake up at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of love. Kahlil Gibran.

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Combine it with other stones

When meditating, do a loving connection with the higher kingdoms, combine it with high vibration stones such as Escolecite, Petalite, Danburite or Phenacite crystals.

This attractive stone will go well with any other copper-based stones. Of course, it will pair very well with any of the other minerals it contains, including malachite, azurite, turquoise, and chrysocolla. Other copper-based stones mix very well with it, including Brochantite, Atacamite, Quantum Quattro, Dioptase, Shattuckite, Cuprite, and Ajoite.

Any of the throat chakra stones will work well with it, to enhance your communication skills, and in particular you can use it with Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Larimar, Sodalite, Siberian Quartz, Silica Gem, Kinoite or Euclase Blue.

Eilat Stone

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