Elestial Quartz: Deep Spiritual Healing Energy

The crystals of Elestial Quartz they have very high vibration and are powerful stones to help spiritual growth.

These crystals are in line with the vibration of the higher spiritual realms and will help you make a stronger connection with the people there.

They are excellent crystals to keep close to them ever since continually receiving spiritual vibrations. They control and suppress these spiritual vibrations with the energy of those close to them and who receive it. This allows you to receive an infusion of love and light from the higher realms at a comfortable frequency. You get it at the level necessary for your personal growth and healing, without touching you in a potentially uncomfortable way.

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Why would you use it?

Elestial Quartz

These are a stone of our time, ever since help tuning to higher vibration and open doors to higher dimensions.

They are wonderful stones to help change your life and provide a stronger connection with the spirit and the kingdoms of angels.

These high-energy crystal stones will help heal a deeper level of the soul and karma. They are a great catalyst for change and are powerful when kept in the room.

That way able to work to help resolve deep karmic issues, at the level that is comfortable for one’s own spiritual growth.

Where does it come from? Elestial Meaning

The actual meaning of the word elestial is related to the original word from which it came, celestial (falling the C) to make the new word elestial.

Elestial QuartzAmpitis amstial

It is the prefix that begins with the word “the”, which means “above the horizon” and is strongly associated with the meaning of the word “heavenly”, which is associated with spirituality, heavenly beings and the Divine.

Angels are known to be part of the celestial realm, and elestial quartz has a strong energy of contact with celestial beings and especially angels.

These unusual crystals are one of the types of quartz, and can be found in many colors.

This includes light pink quartz, pale pink rose, lavender crystals or purple amethyst, yellow like natural citrine and colored like smoky quartz and a Brazilian stone that is a blend of seven minerals, now known as amethyst cacoxenite.

Raised smoky quartz is easy to obtain and has various metaphysical properties.

While many of the angels come from Brazil, there are also some specimens that come from Romania, Madagascar, Africa and the United States.

Elestials are also called Skeleton Quartz, Alligator / Quartz Grill or Crystal Quartz Jacaré, the latter because Jacaré means Cayman in Portuguese, but you will generally find it written as Yacaré.

This is because the type of reptilian pattern in the configuration of these stones is said to bear a resemblance to an alligator skin.

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Get an infusion of love and light

Elestial Quartz crystals are acceptable crystals to be around while continuously giving off waves of pure spiritual energy, which control and hear the vibration of those close to it and receive it.

This allows you to receive an infusion of love and light at a comfortable frequency, at the level you need for your personal and healing growth.

Elestial Quartz

Divine beings, including angels in the higher realms, know what you need, and these beautiful crystals are an excellent conduit for bringing love and light at the right time and in the right way. personal growth.

The use of one of these crystals is known to be one of the useful methods for relieve stress. They will help you with a variety of problems, including epilepsy and schizophrenia.

There are several other healing properties associated with these interesting healing crystals. They are great for bone related problems and are especially helpful after bone surgery as they can help heal broken bones.

What is this? Who should use it?

Yacaré quartz crystals are a particular type of quartz that have a natural winding on the body and faces of the stones.

These are often etched in a crystal, many of which have central formations on one face of the crystal, an indentation area that enters the crystal.

They form in cluster-like layers, but the crystals overlap and stick together. These quartz crystals have a high vibration that helps you make a stronger connection with the spirit.

Elestial Quartz

These are powerful stones for use in meditation, as they will help you open stronger connections with the spiritual world. They are known to open the crown chakra and then in turn open the soul star chakra and the upper crown chakras.

This helps the flow of Divine energy move down through your entire chakra system, and they are powerful stones for creating major changes in your life.

Its energy can stimulate the third eye chakra and this can boost the birth of psychic gifts. This includes clairvoyance, also known as psychic visions.

It also encourages clairaudience, also known as psychic listening and clairvoyance, which can be described as psychic feeling.

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Elestial smoky quartz. How will it help you?

Smoke Element Crystals offer some additional attributes that other Elemental Crystals do not. Because they are a combination of celestial quartz and smoky quartz, they combine both energies to introduce new energy that is different from other celestial energies.

Smoke Elestials make excellent healing crystals. They have a powerful vibration to create healing, specifically helping the spiritual healing within the etheric body. These unique quartz formations are helpful in helping with sleep problems and can help prevent nightmares.

If you have a painful area on your body, apply the elestial quartz crystal and let it help ease the pain.

They are also known to have very strong resonance at the base or root chakra and ground star chakra. This creates powerful action on the ground from high frequency vibrations into the earth.

Elestial Quartz

Use this crystal in your reflections to help you travel back to your previous life to release karma trapped in your energy field. This energy may need to be released to separate yourself from previous experiences.

It can also dissipate the energy of ancient magical rituals within the line of your ancestors, preventing you from still being able to let go of the trauma and pain of the past.

If you feel this is a topic that concerns you, consider reinforcing how your crystal works by putting a program in your piece to help you. If you do not know how to program the crystals, check out this article.

Yacaré energy or elestial quartz can release any kind of karmic group energy that is holding the groups of souls together, preventing them from moving in new directions.

Smoked elestial quartz crystals have some excellent metaphysical properties, incl the ability to defend yourself from a psychic attack.

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How to use it

Elestial Quartz

Regardless of the color of your elestial quartz, they are all excellent stones for use in meditation. One way you can choose to use your elestial is to hold it in your hand during meditation.

It is helpful to reflect on some ways using these crystals. Start by holding the crystal in your hand and letting it relax completely, as you slide deep into a state of focused relaxation.

When you have let go of all normal thoughts, and are aware of the deep state of relaxed consciousness, draw your attention to the Yacaré quartz crystal that you are holding.

These crystals have easily formed ridges and layers, which can be gently torn by passing your fingers over them.

If you feel a reason to stop at a particular area of ​​the stone, do so and gently press the stone where your finger stops.

Relax and let the information that the stone is taking you from spirit to flow into your mind. It is common to find out that you can start connecting with the angels.

Elestial Quartz

As you begin to let the frequency of the energy you are connecting to rise higher, you may hear sounds coming from the angel field.

The sounds of angels “the music of the spheres” are usually accompanied by a strong energy of love.

Let this energy fill your heart chakra and then have your whole life with feelings of happiness and joy and help in emotional healing.

This wonderful connection to angel beings can help you release tension, anxiety, and depression, as well as release negativity and stress.

An angel connection may not happen the first time you wear it, but these crystals will help you relax.

“An angel can enlighten a person’s vision and mind by strengthening the power of vision.” St. Thomas of Aquino.

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Combine it with other stones

It is now easy to buy Elestial Quartz, including the beautiful Elestial Rose Quartz Crystals.

If you are using elestial rose quartz, combine it with heart chakra stones or thymus stones or a higher heart chakra as it will give you peace of mind and reassurance and give you a wonderful spiritual growth based on the hearts.

Raised quartz crystals it will increase the energy of other stones, so use this crystal to aid healing by combining it with specific stones that will help with your health problem.

High-vibration core stones such as Pink Danburite and Pink Petalite or Green stones such as Moldavite or Green Datolite are examples of high-vibration core stones that you can choose to use.

It is useful to combine it with rare stones in which the specimens can be small, as this will increase your energy. High energy vibration stones such as Herderite, Natrolite, Diaspora, Fenachite or Brookite are some of the high vibration stones that can be smaller specimens that could benefit from the energy of the propellants.

It is beneficial to use it with any of the other high energy crystal stones to help with this spiritual growth. It is powerful to use with high vibration stones, as it will increase the energy and add any extra energy to the ground.

Combine it with crystals like Nirvana Quartz, Herkimer Diamonds, Aurora Quartz, Escolecite, Apophyllite, Amethyst Cacoxenite also known as Super Seven or Tiffany Stone also known as Bertrandite, to help your spiritual growth.

It also works well when combined with other quartz crystals such as Rose Quartz, Smoke Quartz Crystals, Amethyst Crystals, and Clear Quartz Crystals as they combine well with and help raising energy.

Also to help you do touch the angel field, used with Cryolite, Angelite, Ghost Angel Quartz, Angel Aura Quartz, Ajoite on Quartz, Celestite or Seraphinite.

Elestial Quartz

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