Morganite or Pink Emerald: The Stone of Divine Love

It is a stone often called Pink Emerald. So why is it called Pink Emerald? This may be because both stones are types of beryllium.

But most likely because of the excellent metaphysical properties of this beautiful pink crystal, as it shakes strongly with beautiful loving energy in the heart and thymus or upper chakras of the heart.

The meaning of this stone is strongly associated with its magnificence vibration of love, making it a powerful stone to use to help relationships.

Like the green Emerald stones, it also stands for the most powerful vibration of Divine Love.

As you continue to work with the energy of Divine Love that evokes the vibration of this crystal, this will allow you to touch the realm of angels and experience the beauty you find there.

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Where does it come from? Meaning of Morganite


This rare pink semi-precious stone has been found in Thailand, Brazil, Madagascar, Africa, and the United States.

The specimens of this pink crystal are wonderfully transparent stones, with a range of colors ranging from light silver pink to purple and peach pink.

It can also be sold as Pink Beryl, Pink Beryl, or Cesian Beryl. The meaning of the name of this stone is related to the time it was first discovered.

This precious pink stone was discovered in California, and the gem buyer bought Kunz of Tiffany as much as he could, for the collector JP Morgan, from whom this stone is named.

Why is it called Pink Emeral?


Like many of our favorite stones, Morganite is a variety of Beryl, and is an excellent choice for gemstone and metaphysical jewelery purposes. Like Emerald Green stones, this stone carries the vibration of love, and not just love for others.

Morganite gemstone is not as widely available as other Beryl precious stones, and is sometimes classified as an uncommon crystal.

The color is caused by inclusions in the stones with all kinds of colored Beryl, and manganese resulting in the color of this Pink Beryl.

The deep pink Morganite stones are sometimes labeled Bixbite to get people’s attention, but the actual Bixbite is a bit rare, with a deeper pink or red color.

The color of lighter Morganite stones can be enhanced by heat, but they can also turn orange out of heat. Morganite Peach comes from Thailand where it occurs naturally. It is a precious stone, with slightly different metaphysical properties than the more common rose.

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Why would you use it?


Peach Morganite is a less common color for this crystal but it has very interesting properties. Use peach stone can give a deep spiritual aspect of divine love to a sexual experience.

It is also said to be effective for those who practice the tantric love and kundalini sexual practices.

Peach Morganite has a slightly different vibe than pink stone. When used on the sacral chakra or navel chakra, it can help enhance your creativity.

This diversity will unite the loving energy of the heart chakra with the energy of the power center or solar plexus chakra. This energy can be enhanced by combining it with Tiffany Stone or Shiva Lingam.

It is powerful to use for bring the energy of female love to the navel chakra, for a memorable and loving experience.

Experience the Energy of Divine Love


Morganite can help you develop your psychic gifts and help you connect with your spirit guides. Hold this stone in your hand or hold it on your body.

It is not as common as other types of Beryl, but it is a crystal that is beautiful to look at and also has an inner beauty.

The vibration of love it creates is very powerful. Even a small piece has a great vibration, so try to find it and experience the energy of Divine Love with which you can connect.

The most important thing to remember is that the longer the stone is in your aura, the more opportunities it will have to do its job.

It will help men who want to balance their masculine and feminine energies, while still retaining their innate masculinity. For medicine, it is said to cure lung conditions, such as asthma or emphysema.

It can stabilize the heart as it clears the problems within the lungs. He has a heart-centered energy that lies powerfully with the spiritual love of the Divine realm.

This pink crystal comes from the heart chakra and the thymus or upper heart chakra.

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Who should use it? Properties of Morganite or Pink Beryl


There are a number of reasons why you may choose to use this stone, including:

  • Morganite is a powerful support for women to use, and may allow you to feel your own strength and beauty from within.
  • These stones help you vibrate with power Divine feminine energy.
  • They are also beneficial healing crystals that you use as their energy helps them improve patience and respect for yourself and others.
  • Deeper purple pink stones are known to stimulate the third eye chakra.
  • When used in this chakra it can to stimulate the mind and bring wisdom, and allow access to memories of the past.

As you work to develop your psychic abilities, you may benefit from using it in meditation, as it can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • If you are able to find a large piece of this stone, a powerful aid for use in shamanic ceremonies.
  • It allows the shaman to connect with his inner wisdom through the energy of the heart.
  • If you are not sure how to meditate, learn some easy techniques for meditation.
  • The energy of this stone can stimulate the communication of information from your spirit guides.
  • To vibrate it encourages contact with angels during meditation.

How to use it

It is becoming easier and easier to buy Morganite, as more of this precious stone is now available, and tasty specimens of this stone have been turned into gem stones.

Wearing jewelery made from this stone, like a beautiful Morganite ring or a heart-consumable pendant, provides you with a powerful vibration of love.

morganiteAquamarine and Morganite Pendant

Jewelery made from this stone is often very beautiful and this beautiful pink beryl can be found on the list of zodiac stones so that birthstone jewelery can be readily available.

It mixes well when used in combination with other types of Beryl, such as Aquamarine or Emerald crystals.

This is a beautiful way to bring the vibration of love into your life. You will find it on the Libra birthstone list, and this pink crystal is a very beautiful gem, as these stones have a beautiful vitality that is a pleasure to wear.

This pink crystal will enhance your self-esteem as it gives the energy of divine love, and goes with your feelings of self-worth, or love for yourself.

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Facts about beryllium pink

Morganite stone activates, cleanses and energizes the heart chakra and the thymus or upper heart chakra. Help love flow into your life, and people of both sexes will find powerful crystals in it for use.

Many women find it difficult to accept the feminine side of themselves.

For many people, feelings of sadness, loss, old guilt, shame, or even past life karma are behind the reason that they are unable to cure their problems.

For women, this beautiful crystal helps you realize that you can be independent of men and feel that you are still in tune with the male energy.

Women who feel that the only way to treat men can control them is this vibration on the stones. His energy helps you to allow men’s grace to be different, but at the same time to be in harmony with them.

For those who have wisdom, happiness is not about getting everything you want, it is about getting what you want.

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Combine it with other stones

Vibrate this pink variety of Beryl, works great within the meditation experienceespecially when used in combination with other heart chakra stones. This also includes Green Vesubianite also known as Idochrase, Pink Quartz Crystals, Phosphosiderite and Pink Kunzite Crystal.

Using this beautiful stone in combination with other pink heart chakra stones, they create a beautiful powerful energy together.

One of the most powerful combinations is to use it in meditation with Pink Danburite and Pink Petalite. The two stones create a connection within the soul star chakra and this creates a great angel connection.

My experience was one of the most powerful and very emotional contacts with the divine feminine energy, and I recommend it for women especially to experience. The Natural Green Emerald stones give off a powerful vibration of love, and combined with the energy of the Pink Emerald allows the peacefully accepting the place of divine love within love relationships.

If you are developing your psychic abilities, and have received your spirit guidance, this stone can encourage the communication of information from your spirit guides.

A powerful way to help with this process is to combine it with other stones on the list to get your spirit guidance, such as Rainbow Moonstone, Watermelon Zoisite, or Herkimer Quartz.

Other stones that work well in combination with this pink bear include Lepidocrocite, Amegreen, Lilac Lepidolite, Goshenite, Lithium Quartz, Rhodonite, Stichtite Pink Lavender, Emeralds Green, Nirvana Quartz, or Pink Tourmaline.

It may be advantageous to use this stone with other Beryl types. One of the most popular types of beryl is the so-called emerald green stones. It is a good stone to use in combination with the precious green Emerald Stones, as vibration force balances green stones.

The most common crystals in the beryl family are the colorless or clear ones known as Goshenite, the yellow-green stone known as Heliodorus, and the rare earth dark stone, known as Bixbite, which is relatively uncommon.

Finally, a blue to teal aquamarine crystal is a list of the most recognizable types of beryl, which works very well when used with this stone.

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