Root Chakra: Sexual drive, ambitions and interest in life

The stones of Root Chakra especially help the area of ​​the body from which ambitions arise, interest in life and sexual desire. It is the first of the seven main chakras of the body. Also known as the base chakra or first chakra, it is located at the base of the spine.

Andradite Garnet Black Ring

This chakra deals with the physical aspects of life and the body. This chakra is related to being sexually comfortable, as well as your ability to feel.

It has strong connections to your emotions, and to pleasure and pain. The meaning of the root or first chakra is strongly associated with the concept of “I am.”

Where is the base chakra? Meanings of Chakras

The meanings of the basic chakras relate to sexual drive, procreation, circulation, support structure, survival, basic instincts, and defense.

It is strongly associated with the colors red or black as they are both very strong here, but there are some other colored stones that help in this area.

If this chakra is healthy, you have a strong desire to survive, and you feel the urge to live and create change when and where it is needed.

The metaphysical properties of red-based chakra stones, such as Red Jasper or Ruby, are especially helpful in helping you increase your sexual drive, aid in relationships, and enhance your interest in life in general.

Which chakra stone base to use

Before using any particular crystal with this chakra I recommend using Kyanite . Kyanite has many colors and they are all effective heaters.

Use any color of Kyanite before using other stones. Kyanite’s action on the body is to align all the chakras.

root chakraKyanite black

If you can, get some Kyanite Black as it is an excellent stone for the root chakra. Not only does it clear the energy in all the chakras, but it can replenish the meridian system.

Some people may have had surgery on the lower back or lower abdominal area. If you have suffered an accident in which damage has occurred, Kyanita will help you heal the area, filling in the energy gaps. Blue Kyanite is the most common variety of Kyanite, and works well on all chakras.

After using Kyanite it is best to continue using the individual chakra stones for the first chakra. Chakra stones are a powerful base for strong sexual drive, good circulation in the reproductive areas, and a strong interest in living life as long as possible.

Some of these are easier to find than others and of course the cost also varies, but the ones mentioned in the colors of the chakras are a good choice of stones.

Colors of root or base chakra stones

The base or root chakra resets to a red color. A few types of red crystals can be purchased. It is extremely helpful to use any of the red base chakra stones as they will add vitality and can help your personal relationships.

Some of my favorites are Eudialite, Red Jasper, Red Coral, Spesartine Red Garnet, Rhodonite Garnet, Almandine Red Garnet, Cuprite, Red or Crimson Calcite and Rubellite aka Tourmaline Red, and of course the beautiful Red Ruby.

root chakraRed Jasper Ring

The red stones at the base of the chakra are especially powerful to help you increase your sexual desire and interest in life. To heal this chakra many black stones are also very powerful. This is also because of its basic feature.

Stones like Andradite black garnet, black tourmaline, black onyx, black spinel, shungite, black jade, black obsidian, are extremely useful in this area, such as Smzy Quartz, Black Diopside, and dark brown tourmaline known as Dravite.

The stones for the root chakra are made up of red and black stones and there are some other colored stones as well, so the list is quite long.

There may be more than those listed, which are at the end of this article, and I am adding them as I find new stones and add them to the site.

How will it help you?

This chakra is the lowest of the chakras in the world. If you need to put your energy on the ground by connecting with Mother Gaia, you can unite with the Earth and the Earth chakra star through this chakra.

Because dark-based chakra crystals have a strong ground vibration, it is of great benefit to keep them within your aura.

root chakraTourmaline black

Black tourmaline is one of the most revered dark stones for this chakra. They are common crystals because they have a number of powerful properties, including creating excellent grounding action.

There are many other stones that help with this area, and many of the stones shown on this page are easy to buy. To wear them, one solution is to wear them as jewelery, as it is an easy way to keep them close to you.

Using the dark stones is an easy and powerful method to achieve spiritual foundation.

To use them to your advantage, you can wear them on your body as jewelery, or simply put a combination of any of these natural crystals in a bag in your pocket.

Each chakra has specific areas of the body that it controls and this chakra ensures the function and healing of the organs in its area. These organs are the genitals and colon, as well as the legs, joints and feet.

Reason to use chakra bottom stones

The root chakra is the area that is it governs sexualitySo if you had any lack of sexual interest, the energy of the red stones can help.

The color of the chakra for the first chakra is mostly red. Red is an exciting color and charming pieces of jewelery are made with red stones, including ruby ​​and red garnet. It is a brilliant stone that makes a beautiful jewel.

root chakraAventurine Red Pyramid

Both red garnet and rubies are very popular, and you will find them made in gemstone or crystal jewelery, alone or in combination with other red stones. You can mix different stones to suit this chakra, and you may notice that there are other colored stones that help with this chakra.

Any of the chakra foundations shown on this page will help introduce the strong fire energy required by the chakra base. If you feel there is no balance of energy in this area of ​​the chakras, take steps to change it.

How to use root or base chakra stones

Although the color of the chakra for this chakra is said to be red, this chakra is found in red and black crystal. There are even other colored stones that work well within this chakra.

root chakraSmoky Quartz Pendant

Natural crystals in the color red, or those stones that are dark brown or black will be beneficial to help this chakra.

Charming Smoke Quartz Pendants are available and because this is a different quartz it has the added natural benefit of increasing the energy in itself and other stones used with it.

Quartz Smoke Quartz jewelry is easy to buy, and makes beautiful pendants, and many beautiful pieces are made of dark stones.

root chakraSmoke Quartz Ring

These include pendants that combine a few crystals together, like the one shown here which contains Smoke Quartz Crystal, Amethyst Purple, and Black Tourmaline, mixed together into a single pendant.

By keeping these healing stones in you, you will bring through the desired foundation. This is especially important if you have been working with any of the higher vibration crystals.

If you are wondering how to heal the root chakra, make sure to use these crystals as often as possible.

Balancing the First Chakra

People often ignore the needs of the base chakra, preferring to work in the more spiritual realms, and use the crystals of the crown chakra.

But you will find that if your first chakra is balanced, you can base any extra energy created by your work on the higher chakras.

People often ignore the needs of the base chakra as many people prefer to work in the more spiritual areas like the crown chakra.

But you will find that if your first chakra is balanced, you can base any extra energy created by your work on the higher chakras.

root chakraSparnartine Garnet Necklace

It is important to do spiritual rooting practices regularly, and it is a good thing to do rooted meditation. There are a number of health problems that can occur if not established.

This is especially important if you have been working with the “spiritual” high vibration stones, to prevent you from developing health problems.

By rooting yourself and clearing the base chakra you will allow yourself greater satisfaction and happiness.

“When we try to find out the best in other situations, we find a way out of the best in ourselves.” William Arthur Ward.

Photos of some of the basic chakra crystals

List of root chakra stones and crystals

There are a large number of chakra cornerstones and while this page shows a number there are many others that are not shown here.

Other stones that stimulate this chakra are also … From A to H: Actinolite, Anatase, Apache Gold, Aragonite Star Cluster, Ascension Stones, Aurora Quartz aka Rainbow Quartz, Axinite, Bastnasite aka Bastnaesite, Bixbite, Black Agate, Black Ammonite, Black Coral, Black Merlinite, Black Moon Stone, Blizzard Stone called Gabbro, Boji Stone, Brown Aragonite, Bronze, Bustamite, Carnelian, Cassiterite, Celestobarite, Cerussite, Charoite, Chiastolite, Chrysocolla, Chrysotile, Cinnabar, Citrine, Cryolite, Dalmatian Jasper aka Dalmatian Stone, Dianite aka Siberian Blue Jade, Heavenly Quartz, Enstatite, Epidote, Eudialite, Quartz Fire, Flint, Fossil Palm Wood also known as Petrified Palm Wood, Gaspeite, Aura Quartz Golden, on a also known as Imperial Gold Quartz, Golden Healer, Andarnite Green Garnet, Demantoid Garnet, Crested Green Quartz, Chunky Garnet, and Gold Healers.

Chakra Base Stones I to O: Ilmenite, Iron Pyrite, Jeremejevite with Black Tourmaline, Kambaba Jasper, Kammererite Jasper, Lemurian Jade, Leopard Jasper, Libyan Desert Glass, Limonite, Lithium Quartz, Magnetite, Mahogany Obsidian, Jasper Jasper, Jasper Jasper, Jasper Jasper Jasper, Moss Agate, Moss Agate, Hay Thunderegg Agate (also known as Star Agate) or Amulet Stone, Nebula Stone, Nebula, Nefina, Nephrite Jade,

Root chakra stones from P to Z: Phosphosiderite, Picasso Marble also known as Picasso Stone, Poppy Jasper, Pyrrhotite, Que Sera, Rainbow Obsidian, Red Calcite, Red Coral, Rhodochrosite, Rhodolite Garnet, Ruby in Kianite, Rutilated Quartz, Sardonyx, Scheelite, Serandite, Serifos Green Quartz also known as Prasem Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Spurrite aka Strombolite, Staurolite aka Fairy Cross Stone, Stellerite, Stibnite, Stichtite, Stichtite and Serpentine aka Atlantasite, Thenardite, Tourmilated Quartzulfite, Zirconzulfite Quartzulfite

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