Seraphinite: Touch the angels and the Divine Feminine

Seraphinite it has a beautiful spiritual energy that helps your connect with beings in the angel realm and it can help you do that touch the Divine Feminine. It can help with your search spiritual insight, and will help you with self-healing.

This green and silver crystal has a very powerful set of attributes, including being one of the stones that helps to touch the spirit of nature.

It has significant healing properties for physical and emotional healing. It is a stone to help you bring Divine Light into your life and this gives spiritual healing.

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Where does it come from? Serafinite Meaning


This green stone is a type of clinochlor and is also called Seraphinite and its original name Green Chlorite. This green stone is found mainly in the Lake Baikal area of ​​Siberia, Russia.

These beautiful stones are known for their beautiful combination of deep green color, marked with beautiful silver silver that resembles beautiful angel wings in many seraphinite stones.

These brands are the main reason it has been given this name. The meaning of the name of this stone is derived from the name Seraphim, the angels on the highest spiritual level.

Because these stones have a strong energy to come into contact with the angelic realms, this name is very apt.

Contacting Angelic People and the Divine Feminine


This stone has a gentle vibration that directs you and brings you through spiritual energy.

By meditating with this beautiful stone, you may discover that you have a connection to the angel realm and you may discover that you make a connection with the Divine Feminine.

This stone has a strong healing vibration, and is known to align each ether body with the energy field of the spinal cord.

As any blocked energy in any of the bodies clears ether, this allows energy movement to normalize in the body.

They can then begin to contact beings in the higher realms as they resonate with this higher energy and vibrational light.

The Seraphinite is known to open the crown chakra and the soul star chakra above that, to bring divine light through being. It can help you clear barriers in your meridians and auric field that are holding back your spiritual growth.

Many pieces of stone have a pattern within them, almost resembling the wings of angels, and these stones can be even more powerful to inspire this angelic touch.

Once your energy is enabled to move freely between all the body chakras, a connection can be made between the soul star chakra and the heart chakra.

Energy can rise through the thymus or upper heart chakra, through the crown chakra, and then up to the transpersonal chakras within the ether body.

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Why would you use it?


Seraphinite stones are easy to buy, and this crystal is a great choice if you are a healer or want to use this stone for self-healing.

This is one of the most powerful stones for healing the physical body.

This beautiful healing green crystal is known to aid in cellular regeneration, and can enable you to be aware of diseases linked to past life issues.

By helping to detoxify DNA, you will contribute to the decline of ancient systemic diseases.

As they get lost, the vibration of the new settings within your DNA becomes visible.

How will it help you?


The energy of the stone can stimulate the awakening of the kundalini. As the kundalini moves up the spine, it cleanses and activates all the chakras.

Serafinita’s energy will also help with emotional healing, while letting go of old things that you no longer want in your life.

Because you see this in the context of your own life, you can begin to behave with others in a fairer and more peaceful way.

Many users of this stone have found that having this stone in the vicinity facilitates travel outside the body.

These beautiful green stones are said to be a powerful aid to protect the physical body while you are away.

As you allow the joyful energy that this stone gives to flow through them, into your entire auric realm, you may be open to understanding the meaning of illumination more clearly.

As the blood strengthens, this will flow throughout the body to provide physical fitness at all times. The vibration of this stone gives the cells an influx of light to aid in healing on all levels.

After using it for a while, you may find that they seem to be ingested with the light that is now resonating in you.

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How to use it


Meditating with this beautiful stone is a powerful way to use it. It can be combined with any of the high energy crystal stones for this purpose.

Seraphinite can be used by placing a stone on the third eye chakra, as this helps to make contact with the higher spiritual realms.

seraphinite stone

Many people find that contact with angels is common when you have this stone on your body during meditation no matter where you place it.

As it is known to inspire clairaudience, a stronger psychic listening will help you to better hear the messages coming from people in the angel realms.

It is also known to inspire clairvoyance or the gift of psychic visions, and this can allow you to see angel beings in all their glory!

If you contact beings in the angel realms while using this crystal, this usually involves a review of your current life and current problems.

Then these spiritual beings can help you identify the things you need to do to make changes in your life, to align yourself with the purpose of incriminating your soul at this moment.

And it can also bring you inner happiness and personal satisfaction.

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It helps to develop psychic gifts


The Seraphinite is an excellent help if you want to connect with angels and other beings in the higher realms, including the Divine Feminine.

It is known to help you develop psychic gifts such as psychic visions or clairvoyance, and psychic hearing or clairaudience, and aids in contact with the spirits of nature.

This beautiful green and silver crystal has some very powerful features.

Its most useful properties include its healing vibration, which helps in healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Use of Seraphinite


By keeping a piece of this crystal on your body for as long as possible every day, this will have a strong advantage in healing on all levels. The energy of this beautiful green crystal inspires you to live from the heart.

Serafinite jewelery is easy to buy. Because it is such an attractive stone, the pieces of this stone love to be turned into jewelery.

It will be more effective to wear a pendant in the area from the heart up, because it keeps the energy close to where it has the most effect.

Ladies, you can choose to pierce a small piece of stone into your bra, keeping it close to your heart.

SeraphiniteSeraphinite Crystals

Also, you could wear this beautiful green stone as a pendant, and that may be the easiest way to keep it on her body.

Because it has strong energy in the heart and thymus chakra or the upper heart that is just above the heart chakra, it is very effective to keep a seraphite pendant on your body.

Another less common way that can be helpful is to help you become more diplomatic in your communication, which may be necessary at times when you need to talk to others in a more sensitive way.

You could use a piece of stone in your pocket, as the most important thing is to keep it within your auric field.

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Contact with the Spirits of Nature and Elemental People

Spirits of nature are often present anyway, especially if you have a healthy garden and avoid using ugly chemicals in it.

These beings live close to you and can contact you, if you are open to contact. Children will naturally make this contact as they are open to believing, unlike many of us who let this opening out when we reach adulthood.

By encouraging them to live close to you, these people will help you to improve the health of the area in which you live. This stone has a strong energy to help connect with the spirits of nature and elemental beings who live in the green areas around your home.

You can choose to use it with stones like Green Fuchsia Mica, Green Apophyllite, Moss Agate or with Prasiolite also known as Green Amethyst.

You can use Serafinite yourself for this purpose or you can combine it with other stones that also attract members of the Devic kingdom.

They help you heal the earth, and this can also flow through your health.

It is important during these global changes to inspire the spirits of nature to help us, as the earth goes through the transitions required to bring the planet to a higher level.

«The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystery. It is a source of all true art and science. “Albert Einstein.

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Combine it with other stones

A chrysanthemum stone is a stone that goes well with this crystal.

SeraphiniteChrysanthemum Stone

Seraphinite is a stone that helps you in many different ways and works well in combination with almost all other crystals. That being said, here are some suggestions on how you can combine it with other crystals.

Don medicalUse with Chrysanthemum Stone, Larimar, Aragonite Blue, Sleeping Quartz, Epidote, Lilac Lepidolite and Sugilite.

It is very effective to use with any of the high energy crystal stones encourage contact with the spiritual realms. High vibration stones such as Moldavite, Herkimer’s Diamond, Phenachite, Nirvana Quartz, Escolecite, Berilonite and Charoite work well.

Don connection with angels There are some other stones that are also very effective. These include Amphibole Quartz also known as Ghost Angel Quartz, Lemurian Crystals, Danburite, Herkimer Diamonds, Star Clusters Aragonite, Blue Celestite, Tanzanite, Berilonite, Petalite, Green Prehnite, and Angelite.

If you do spiritual work, including the kundalini awakening, there are some other stones you can use with it. This includes Gabbro aka Blizzard Stone, Brookite, Atlantasite, Serpentine Green, the beautiful pink purple Stichtite, Tiger’s Eye or Shiva Lingam.

If you find yourself in situations where you need to communicate more diplomatically and need extra help, use it with others crystals are known to help you speak in a more careful and diplomatic way. Crystals to be used for this purpose include Butterfly, Witch’s Finger, Nunderite, or Copper.

Increase his action to help your clairaudient skills you can use it with Holley Blue Agate, Kaolinite, Tiffany Stone, Siberian Blue Quartz, Epidosite, Aqua Aura, Phantom Green Quartz, Hypersthene or Vulcanite also known as «Que Sera» stone.

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