Sodalite: Helps with a deeper spiritual understanding of truth and idealism

Stone of Sodalite it has a strong vibration which is very helpful to help the development of psychic abilities and development of intuition. This stone can help public speaking and is excellent for aiding communication in general.

It can help you understand the patterns behind things like astrology and tarot. Sodalite has strong metaphysical properties They can stimulate latent creative abilities and help teachers, writers and students to understand the principles of philosophy more deeply.

It will draw your attention to the qualities of idealism and truth, and its energy can inspire you to live up to your own ideals and ideas about the nature of truth.

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Where does it come from? Meaning of Sodalite

Sodalite necklaces at a good pricePants Sodalite

Its color is mostly blue, or blue-gray with white calcite mixed between the stones.

These crystals are a beautiful blue color, making them a gemstone for jewelery making, but there are some stones with inclusions in shades of yellow, red and green.

The meaning of its name is related to its high sodium content. Hackmanite is a higher vibration variety of Sodalite, and its color is generally purple pink or lavender.

The largest deposits of this stone are in Brazil. It has also been found in Russia, Greenland, Romania, France, India, Myanmar, Namibia, Canada and the United States.

To express deep philosophical ideas. Properties of Sodalita

Properties of sodalite crystalsSodalite Pyramids – A stone with strong spiritual properties.

This is a strong third eye chakra and throat chakra stone that gives excellent energy to your life. Within the area of ​​the third eye chakra is located the pineal gland.

To help develop psychic gifts, the Sodalite stone has a strong ability to work within the third hope to speed up the process.

It will help you develop your intuition, and also encourage the birth of clairvoyant abilities, or strengthen them if you are already using these gifts.

This stone has a vibration that helps the truth, and helps you to better understand the life in which you live, and how you came to be in the situation in which you find yourself.

Many people find it easier to avoid the truth, as it can sometimes be uncomfortable at certain times.

This stone supports idealism and self-discipline, and the combination will benefit you to enhance your ability to live a more authentic life.

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Good Help for Meditation. Increase communication skills

Sodalite Bracelet

Sodalite has strong metaphysical properties capable of stimulating latent creative abilities. It can help you understand the philosophical principles more deeply, and it can help you if you have to speak in public.

Its energy can help you develop your intuition and stimulate your psychic visions. It will help you understand the patterns behind things like astrology and tarot.

It can help enhance your creativity and develop your mental skills, and use them in areas such as research.

This beautiful blue stone has a vibration that can inspire the qualities of idealism and truth, and help you communicate and start living according to your own ideals and ideas.

Like many blue crystals this is an excellent stone for communication, with a strong action within the throat chakra.

This stone helps you to think rationally and intuitively and to express your thoughts orally in a truthful, calm, calm way.

This blue stone has excellent energy that will give you peace of mind and strong clarity of thoughts.

This crystal helps to boost your self-esteem and relieves any panic you feel while speaking in front of a group of any size.

If you are a public speaker, and you are likely to be disappointed or afraid to speak in front of crowds, as many people do, the vibration of this stone can help you contribute in a more balanced way.

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Why would you use it? Daily reflection

Learn easy meditation techniques, as it is an excellent stone that will help you deepen the state of meditation.

It is very useful if you have found that your reflections lack depth, or if you have trouble focusing on what you expect or want to achieve through experience.

This stone will help you open and develop intuitive abilities. It can stimulate latent abilities that you did not know you had, even help you develop your obvious abilities.

These gifts can help you make better use of spiritual intelligence, which will help you draw from your higher self during meditation.

If you are working with a group, this stone is great for reinforcing the purpose of the group and for better consolidating the group ‘s actions and aims.

Help everyone to be in harmony, with the confidence and strength of purpose felt by each member of the group.

It encourages the knowledge of shared desired outcomes without the need for members to rely on other members of the group to achieve their objectives.

Wearing this blue crystal

Sodalite Pendant – Throw at throat height to stimulate the 5th chakra

Its action is powerful within the throat chakra and in the third eye chakra. If worn as jewelery it can bring strong insightful gifts, which will help anyone working in a psychic position.

They can be found on the list of zodiac birth stones, so you can find Sodalite jewelery in many places.

By using this stone you can inspire the birth of a set of gifts you didn’t know existed. It helps you to better understand the patterns, making it an excellent aid for the tarot reader and astronomers.

Their strength will help to stimulate your intuition with this type of work, since it will help you gain a more intuitive knowledge of your clients ’needs and personality.

These blue stones are the birthstone of Sagittarius. This stone works well as a pendant or earrings, because its use in these areas can facilitate the birth of these gifts more easily.

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How will it help you? How to use it

sodalite blue stone Sodalite Rolled Stones

If you start to feel a panic attack coming, this will calm your panic and help you feel calmer and think clearly during the episode.

Its energy helps to soothe your emotions, and encourages you to release old-fashioned on specific issues that may be worrying you.

It helps you access your own subconscious, and helps you to better understand yourself spiritually.

It can help you remember your dreams and can help you dream up cute. It can stimulate latent abilities that you did not know you had, even help you develop your obvious abilities.

This could be within areas you had never thought of before. It helps teachers, writers and students to understand deeper philosophical principles.

See everything; forget a lot, correct a little. “Pope John XXIII.

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Combine it with other stones

There are many stones that contribute to the vibration of this stone to encourage clearer thinking, but there are even some that increase clarity and aid communication.

If you are looking for stones you can use strengthen your ability to communicate better and at the same time help you to have more clarity in your thinking, see the stones below.

Of course Sodalite is one of them, and you can combine it with others who also have the same qualities to encourage better communication and clarity of thought. Specific stones to be used for this purpose include Lapis Lazuli, Powellite, Blue Topaz, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Tourmaline, Celestine, Vivianite, Larimar, or Azurite.

If you want lucid dreams, use this crystal with other stones that help to dream clear. This also includes Dream Quartz, Angelite, Danburite Gold, Blue Sapphire, Wavelite, Axinite, Staurolite also known as Fairy Stone, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Diaspore, Sugilite, Escolecite, Covellina, Goshenite, and Angel Phantom Quartz. called Amphibole Quartz.

It is excellent in combination with Blue Sapphire, Dumortierite, Lapis Lazuli, Mokaite Jasper, Kammererite, Azurite, Lazulite, Iolite Crystals, Heliodorus, Andalusite, Labradorite, Novaculite and Blue Tourmaline, which are excellent third eye chakra stones that will help develop psychic gifts.

Any of the blue throat chakra stones will benefit from being combined with this stone, including Amazonite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Chalcedony, Larimar Stone, Lapis Lazuli, Vivianite, Blue Aragonite, Aquamarine, and Blue Calcite. Sodalite and lapis lazuli is a blend that I personally enjoy while working on the throat chakra.

Many of the high vibration stones, including Stellar Ray Calcite, Datolite, Tanzanite, Danburite, Herderite, Fenachite, Escolecite and Natrolite combine well with Sodalite.

Amulet SodaliteAmulet Sodalite

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