Sugilite: The First Stone of Love

Sugilite it is a crystal that offers you many gifts that will allow you to improve your life. Jewelers sell it as “The first stone of love”, and is one of the most important stones of love.

It is one of the strongest crystals that can be used to protect yourself from negative entities, and its energy helps to remove negative attachments.

This stone also gives you many other excellent qualities, because it is a violet flame crystal, it is a great healing aid.

If you have emotional problems it is advantageous to use it, since it is very nutritious. It helps you stop worrying, and encourages positive emotions that help you relieve stress.

These beautiful purple crystals accelerate positive emotions that help release stress, and give peace of mind, calm and emotional healing.

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Where does it come from? Cial Sugilite


Most of the deposits of this violet stone come from South Africa, where there are large manganese mines.

Sugilite, or sugalite as it is sometimes called, has been found in Japan, Canada and South Africa.

The original discovery was made in Japan and this crystal is named after Ken Sugi, a geologist who discovered it. Much of the life of the Sugilite is found within these mines.

Its color can be pale lilac, pink, magenta, with many shades up to deep purple.

It can be found in the massive form, as inclusions within quartz, interspersed with manganese, and is also found in a variety called gel.

The gel variety is not as popular as the gem quality type which is highly valued. The pronunciation of these crystals confuses many people and some pronunciation is used.

The correct way to say your name is not the one used much, but it should really be said in the same way as the name of the person who was called after you pronounced your name, which is soo-gi- lyt (with the radius said as in geese).

For Sanitation and Spirituality


Sugilite is an exceptional asset to use as it has the ability to provide violet ray energy. This ray is associated with spiritual growth, deep spiritual love and wisdom, and the chakra of the crown.

This is the area where most of the spiritual development is born. Your chi enters the body here and goes down to the chakras below.

This crystal has powerful metaphysical properties that will enhance its growth.

This is one of the Violet Ray Crystals, and it will teach you how to live authentically, and maybe you understand why you incarnated on earth now.

The crown chakra is located above the top of the head and is the upper chakra of the body.

This crystal will open the third eye chakra, the crown chakra, the soul star chakra, and then up to and including the fourteenth etheric chakra.

As you progress spiritually, the use of Sugilite helps grow your psychic powers and especially your channel abilities.

This stone can be useful if you have been working on developing your spiritual or psychic gifts.

Using it can help you develop the psychic gift of automatic writing. The way you can open this gift is to journal and wear this stone.

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Why would you use it?


Sugilita is easy to buy and can help treat dyslexia and other learning difficulties. It is said to have been effective in some cases of autism treatment.

They work to relieve the pain and symptoms of the flu or stomach ache, transferring the pain into the crystal itself. So make sure you clean them after use, and give them a break too.

If they absorb too much of your pain, it may cause them to break down. These purple crystals are powerful aids for use in the medical environment.

Sugalite stones are known for their ability to attract healing powers, so this is another useful reason for healers to wear or use them.

Due to the amount of manganese in its composition, it can help heal headaches and other problems that come from the head.

This stone is especially useful to help with health problems in the area of ​​the chakra crown. Sugilite crystals are also very nutritious.

It has strong protective energy, so alchemical heaters may decide to use them on their body as well.

The healing properties of this violet ray crystal can help you as they help you free yourself from anxiety.

If you have had anxiety or stress, using vibration of these crystals is a helpful way to relieve stress.

Use Sugilite


Sugilite charming jewelery is easy to buy, and wearing the violet flame crystal jewelry made from any of the violet flame group has the ability to create amazing healing results.

Wearing a Sugilite ring or pendant keeps energy in your body, and protects you from any negativity that may result from your “light.”

If you work on your spiritual development and are open to light you can attract darker energy. Therefore, it is recommended to use a strong protective stone.

This beautiful violet crystal is on the list of birthday stones by month as it is a January stone.

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Who should use its healing properties?


These precious stones are on the list of zodiac birth stones. It may be helpful to keep a piece inside the aura during the day and under your head at night.

Doing this can greatly move you in your spirituality.

Many of you have come here and now, at this time, with a purpose, and this crystal has potential help you achieve your purpose in this incarnation.

If you want to explore the past life medicine, it is possible that the use of this beautiful lilac stone would benefit. They are known as ways by which the violet flame can be introduced into your body.

They can be used for heal yourself, and have it within your aura during this post protect you from any spiritual shock a journey of this kind, and it is a stone of spiritual support.

If you thought where you should go, try using this precious stone, as it may help you find the answers.

Use this crystal in conjunction with Tanzanite, Amethyst Cacoxenite, Purpurite and Amethyst Crystals, including the fine Amethyst crystals from Vera Cruz.

How to use it


It is possible to buy precious jewels made from this stone, as well as polished stones, and sometimes rough stones can also be found, although they are not so often.

It can come in many different forms, and depending on your budget, it may be available in a range to suit your needs.

Delicious jewelery made from this stone is easy to find, because it is the birthstone of Virgo. So you can find beautiful Sugilite precious stones that are made into perfectly beautiful jewelery.

The Sugilite stones are sometimes combined with another of the others from the ‘violet flame’ group, using the energy of others in the group.

Use them with stones like Purple Amethyst, as it is a powerful combination of protection, and is very beneficial.

They can also be mixed with any of the other psychic defensive stones and are used powerfully in these combinations.

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How will it help you?


Sugilite is also a powerful stone for dreams and singing help you remember important dreams.

Can be used creating early dreams if you put a piece under the headset. Any therapist who may be helping his clients release negative energy needs to protect himself.

The IS protection from psychic attacks very important, and this crystal is an excellent solution for this reason, as it creates a protective coating around it.

By meditating with one of these stones, you can become aware of amazing scenes that will help with your overall transformation.

He has the ability open up your visual skills and free of your imagination.

This stone is one of the most powerful members of the violet flame group, and this may be part of the reason why it is considered such a powerful healing stone.

Wearing Sugilite jewelery is a great way to keep this stone on your body, but if you can’t, get yourself a rough Sugilite stone or a pebble-shaped stone for yourself.

This violet crystal has the potential to help you improve your health, and yes very protective. In general, it’s about essential stone within your collection.

«Wisdom and goodness are born, the heart of the two sisters must be nurtured, never separated.» William Cowper.

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Combine it with other stones

For enhance the healing qualities of this stone, combine it with Serafinite and / or Stichtite.

If you combine it with Amethyst, which is a third eye chakra and a fairly powerful crown chakra stone, it will strengthen the level of protection offered. This combination is also effective in helping you overcoming addiction.

Iolite is another violet ray crystal, and can also be added to the combination, to help you outperform your addiction. It can also be used with Unakite, Tourmaline, Dravite, Staurolite, Hematite, Datolite and Thulite, as they are other stones that are very effective in helping to fight addiction.

Hematite can be combined with it to help feeling more basicas it will help to have a stronger spiritual foundation through the earth star chakra. Others strong support on the ground The one you can combine with is Gabbro, also known as blizzard stone, as it not only helps with formation, but also helps to increase the energy of the stones.

Use in combination with Tourmalinated Quartz to level the psychic protection.

If you work on the develop your channel skillsn, other stones that you can use for this purpose and with which you would like to combine are Quantum Quattro, Yttrium Fluorite, Ajoite, Shattuckite and Blue Hemimorphite.

It is useful to combine it with high-energy crystal stones such as Herderite, Phenachite, Datolite, Escolecite and Natrolite, or with the most powerful stone for transformation, Moldavite.

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