Apache Tears: Heals pain and gives protection and foundation

The IS Apache Tears They are a Black Obsidian type, but have a friendlier vibe than some other Obsidian types. It may be their strange appearance that is out of shape that makes you feel comfortable around them. They do not change, but are natural crystals.

They are strong stones for establishment and protection, and to help clear up negative emotions that may be holding you back.

They are volcanic stones, which can be partially transparent. Its color ranges from dark brown to black. These strange and dark stones are naturally visible in these strange shapes.

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Where do they come from?Apache Tears Meaning

apache tears

They are a type of Black Obsidian found in the southwestern United States and Mexico. The meaning of its name comes from an American Indian legend.

The Cavalry was said to have hunted some members of this tribe, and though they fought bravely, there were more people in them.

Instead of being caught, they jumped off the cliff to death. The sad women of the tribe cried dark tears of pain, which fell to the ground, and strangely framed these dark stones.

It is believed that her tears really came like these unusual stones, so that people will always remember what happened.

Why would you use them?

apache tears

Apache tears are powerful stones to use for psychic protection. They will increase your ability to focus on identifying threatening situations, where you may be at risk.

This is extremely helpful if you are a healer, as they will help you in your work of making sure you are safe.

Apache Tears are black obsidian stones and like other types of Black Obsidian, they absorb negative energy. That makes Apache tears a powerful tool to clean up your auric neglect field.

Its historical significance is interesting, as these stones are powerful for healing you, if you are experiencing emotional sadness and distress.

They are also solid stones for spiritual foundation, so use them after working with high-vibration crystals.

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Who should use it? Healing properties

apache tears

The energy from these crystals will strengthen the blood and immune system, and will help the body assimilate vitamin C and D..

Because they absorb so much negativity, they need to be cleaned regularly using one of the methods to clean your crystals.

They have beneficial healing properties that help reduce toxins in the body by helping to eliminate them. They can relieve muscle spasms and increase vitality and strength within the body.

These are very useful stones for anyone, but especially if you are healing. If you are doing any spiritual development work, there are strong benefits to using these stones.

Its strong energy works within the base or root chakra, where it moves too much energy into the ground chakra to land itself with Mother Gaia.

They also have good healing properties to cure emotional problems. Within the heart chakra its energy will help the emotional body heal from old problems of an emotional nature.

Its energy within the sacral or navel chakra helps to get rid of inconsistent energy in relationships. They can bring joy by encouraging you to feel more positive in life.

Friendly stones that base your energy

apache tears

Apache tears are friendly stones that can be used to ground your energy and protect you from negativity.

While many people are drawn to the more spiritual stones, which work within the higher chakras, these are very useful to add to your collection.

It is important to ensure that the physical body remains healthy and stay on the ground to avoid health problems.

You will need to clean them frequentlyBut there are many benefits to having a piece of stone that is both a spiritual foundation and a psychic protective stone.

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Using Apache tears

apache tears

These unusual stones are on the list of birthstones by month as they are the birthstone of November.

Making jewelery from these stones is a great idea, as you can easily wear them and retain this excellent energy in your aura.

Apache tears make beautiful rings and pendants, due to their unusual shape that makes them a unique and attractive piece of birthstone jewelry.

They are the birthstone of Aries so they are also on the list of zodiac birthstones. Because they are birthstones, you might expect to find somewhere to turn them into jewelery.

But if you can’t find jewelery made from this stone, use a piece of stone instead.

I have some macrame stone holder, they have a slip knot so you can change the stones. It works well for throwing stones to wear, when I can’t find jewelery.

These stones of unusual shape are quite easy to buy, so these are an alternative to jewelery. Keep one in your pocket every day, so that the energy stays within your auric field.

“If you have built castles in the air, you don’t have to lose your job, that’s where they should be. Now lay the foundation under them. “Henry David Thoreau.

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Combine it with other stones

Limestone is the natural magnetic variety of Magnet, and is used powerfully in combination with this stone, for land connection on protection.

There are a number of other stones you might want to use, including some other very strong stones like Boji stones, Smoke Quartz, Red Garnet and Black Tourmaline.

You can use them in the heart chakra, combined with Pink Rhodochrosite or Tinaksite to help with emotional healing.

They also pair well with Tibetan tektite, Libyan gold tektite, also known as Libyan desert glass, and Moldavite.

If you have difficulties managing feelings of pain, you may choose to use it with other crystals that will help you manage these emotions. Some stones for this purpose include Spurrite, Tugtupite, Stilbite, Diopside, Jeremejevite, Lepidocrocite, Aquamarine, Datolite, or Cavansite.

To increase your action to help let go of negative emotions, combine it with other stones that are known to help release negativity, such as Tinaksita, Rubies, Blue Sapphire, Amber, and Green Tourmaline.

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