Tiffany Stone: Enhances Passion and Psychic Gifts

Tiffany Stone It is a crystal with a high sweet vibration, also known as Bertrandite. You may experience subtle vibration when you first hold it, which becomes clearer after you sit down and make a connection with your energy.

It is useful in some areas, especially for help you develop your psychic abilities. It also connects with the heart and upper heart or thymus chakra, giving beautiful loving feelings.

Within the throat chakra it has an action that will help communication, in everyday and psychic communication.

It has an excellent healing action on the body. By releasing the locks it is known that improve and increase your sex life, so it also has another name: Purple Passion!

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Where does it come from?

Various names are used to refer to this stone, including Purple Bertrandite, Opal Fluorite, Passion Purple, Opal Purple, Mineral Beryllium, Bertrandite, and Tiffany Stone.

This stone only comes from Utah in the United States. In the past it was almost inaccessible as it was only produced as a by – product of Bertrandite mining in a certain mine.

The cause of stone mining was never related to crystal collectors, but to the acquisition of beryllium. They use this mineral for missile head cones, as it is said not to heat up at high speeds.

Once the mine decided to close the collectors, it was difficult to find specimens of the stone.

Fortunately for collectors of these beautiful stones, another mine has opened in recent years, now supplying Tiffany Stone for the world of crystals.

These new stones may look different than some of the old stones, but they have similar metaphysical properties.

These stones are said to be a mixture of beryllium and other minerals, including quartz, chalcedony, opal, manganese oxides, and bertrandite.

These minerals were formed in rock and are associated with volcanic activity. They come in a combination of beautiful colors, including purple, blues, yellows, and bays.

Why would you use it?

This is a gemstone with high vibration energy and excellent metaphysical characteristics. They may feel it is resonated within the higher chakras as it helps them make a stronger spiritual connection.

Tiffany Stone helps you get guidance from the higher realms, as you go through the third eye chakra, the crown chakra and the soul star chakra, to easily connect with the higher transcendental chakras.

This stone has a beautiful energy that will highlight any psychic abilities you have the ability to develop. This will vary from person to person, but this energy will help you expand your more dominant psychic communication skill.

It vibrates strongly within the heart chakra and in the thymus chakra or higher heart chakra, filling them with unconditional love.

If you’ve had communication problems before, you know how to help you talk about deeper issues, helping you express hidden or secret feelings.

It is a high vibration and you will usually find that its energy stimulates any abilities of a spiritual or psychic nature.

You may feel its energy working within the throat chakra, helping its communication, and this may be more pronounced in the stones that are more blue in color.

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Purple passion stimulates sexual desire

This beautiful crystal connects you to your heart and higher heart or thymus chakra, and inspires loving feelings as you are filled with unconditional love.

Once you experience the beautiful sweet vibe of Tiffany Stone, you will understand why they call it the Purple Passion.

It has a strong healing action on the body and is known to enhance and increase your sex life and can be used to stimulate sexual desires.

His strength becomes clearer after you sit down and connect with his energy. It is especially useful to help develop psychic communication gifts.

How to use. Using Bertrandita

Wearing Tiffany Stone jewelery helps you become more aware of the messages that come through your intuitive guide.

This high-vibration crystal is an excellent aid in developing a range of psychic powers.

These include a number of gifts known as psychic visions, also known as clear abilities, psychic listening, channeling, and telephone abilities.

It is a strong crystal of psychic communication, and is known to help you develop the kind of communication with a spirit that is in your highest interest.

This crystal is excellent for use in meditation as it will help you make a stronger spiritual connection and may be helpful in helping you develop your intuition.

How will it help you?

This is a high vibration stone with an excellent level of high vibration crystal energy, and is a bonus for use during reflection.

When you sit with him for a while, his vibration can be clearly felt within the region of the third eye and through the head.

The way Tiffany Stone’s energy works reminds me a bit of the Herderite vibration action in the brain.

It also helps you understand mental concepts and helps you if you are studying.

This stone also has excellent healing properties, including helping to release energy barriers from the meridians and within the chakras.

The release of these blocks is known to create positive changes in your sex life, and is said to enhance your sexual experiences.

It is a useful stone as you go through life changes of any kind, as it is known to help with a stronger level of endurance and emotional strength.

It helps you to admit the old to admit the new. If you are in business, this stone can help you decide which direction to take when you feel you are abstaining and need pressure.

It is known to help clear up clutter within your business and at home.

Out of the clutter, get simplicity. From disorder, find a compromise. In the midst of the difficulty, there is the opportunity. Albert Einstein.

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Combine it with other stones

Beryllonite is another high vibration stone that also contains beryllium, which when added together will increase the energy of these rocks. You can choose to use this stone with any of the other high energy crystal stones.

It works to the advantage of others in particular high vibration stones like Fenaquita, Natrolita and Herderita dorada.

To help your growth clairaudient skills, you can combine it with Herkimer Diamonds, Selenite or Serafinite, which helps communicate with people in the higher realms.

Use with Peach Morganite or Shiva Lingam to enhance sexual experiences, and especially for tantric love practices.

It can help develop clairvoyance and channeling skills, when used with the beautiful Yttrium Fluorite, also known as Lavender Fluorite or Magnesite.

Combine with Bustamite, Calcite Orange, Crocoite, Iron Pyrite, Carnelian Orange, Hureaulite, Zincite or Garnet Andradite Black, to stimulate sexual energy.

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