Tugtupite: Deep love and passion for spiritual growth

Tugtupite It is a rare pink crystal containing the compromise of love deep within. This stone has the purity of intense and earthly love. Its vibration is intense awaken lost love and unquenchable passion.

The resonance of this pink stone can end your neutrality or apology for love, if you embrace its loving energy. It has a loving heart chakra and thymus chakra energy that will transform anyone who chooses to accept its intensity.

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Where does it come from? Brí Tugtupite


The meaning of this stone is related to where it came from, and where it was first found, in Tugtup in Greenland. While this is the most important place in the world where it is found, small deposits have also been found in Russia and Canada.

It is a type of fluorescent beryllium silicate, and has a very interesting quality in that it changes color when heated. This could be the warmth of your body, or when you are under bright light or left in the sun.

Its color can be white, pale pink and any shade of pink up to deep crimson. You may find out though that it can start from white or pale pink.

But it turns a more intense pink color than seen in photos after regular use. Tugtupite is associated with blue sodalite, as it has a very similar structure within the stone.

This crystal is often mixed with other types of crystals, and veins from these other crystals may merge through it, making it a beautiful specimen. The pendant below has small pieces of Black Egirina in the stone.

One of the readers of this site comes from Narsaq in Greenland, where she tells me that Tugtupita is located. He explained that Tugtu meant reindeer and that there is a local legend told by the ancient Inuit Narsaq about this stone.

The story is about a pregnant woman who went to live with the reindeer in the mountains. According to legends, the blood that came out when she gave birth to her son was the color of the red stone.

Greenland Inuits are said to use it to raise libido and stimulate passion, and make it a fiery red glow – for the warmth of its passion! This may be possible as it has a great vibration to open the heart.

Why would you use it?


This is a stone of unconditional love, so as you can imagine, it is a strong chakra stone for the heart chakra and the thymus or upper heart chakra. By choosing to use this natural crystal, you will open both chakras.

This stone vibration will stimulate the heart chakra and upper heart chakra or thymus chakra and help you feel the fullness and fullness of love, in all its goodness!

Tugtupita will increase and intensify the feelings of love, because it is able to enhance passion, love and fertility.

This may feel great, but keep in mind that this stone is associated with love in all its variations.

Many people may find it a little unpleasant, as there will be positive and negative emotions attached to the feeling of love.

Strong feelings of sadness and pain from the past, of lost love, can often be accompanied by an opening of your heart.

While this may not be pleasant, these feelings can be released, and you may find that it is capable of great spiritual growth.

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How to use it


The use of these crystals can be helpful in relieving stress and will also help to release tension and anxiety.

If possible, keep your Tugtupite stone on your body. If you can get a piece of it, put it in your pocket, or for women in your bra.

This will keep the energy as close to the heart chakra and the chakra area of ​​the upper heart or thymus as possible.

If you have a Tugtupite pendant, it will work best if it stays near the area of ​​the thymus chakra or upper heart.

Both chakras resonate energy that correlates with the physical heart. This crystal is said to improve heart health and can stabilize blood pressure.

Another option is to wear this stone as a pendant. While Tugtupita jewelry is a great aid to growth and spiritual health, it is not as popular as other crystal jewelery.

As your negative vibrations are cleared, this energy can be directed into creative activities. Therefore, the use of this stone can be useful to enhance your creativity.

Who should use tugtupite?

Learn easy techniques for meditation and use this pink crystal to help your spirituality and health. It will connect with the energy of the higher heart chakra, and help you awaken spiritually to higher states of consciousness.

Through the movement of the energy of divine love that creates this stone, it allows an intense growth in your spirituality.

Tugtupita energy will vibrate within all chakras from the heart chakra up, through the throat chakra, the third eye, the crown chakra and up to the transpersonal chakras.

As you fully open your heart to begin the vibration of Divine love in you, you can find wonderful differences if you want to go with the changes.

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Develop self-love


It can be said that this stone is rare, but it can still be get parts from good crystal suppliers. A powerful effect of this vibration on the stones is that it will help you develop self-love.

Many feel that there needs to be someone in their life, a partner, in order to truly fulfill it. This stone allows you to release these needs and feel emotionally independent. Tugtupita helps you to fully open the energy of love in you. This is a stone that asks you to challenge your feelings about love.

It may be beneficial to use this stone because if you were angry with others it will help you release this energy as it is cleared through the liver.

Even if you have no passion for someone else, open yourself completely to self-love, you can feel deep joy and happiness.

By embracing self-love, love for others, and deep spiritual love, you may discover that you are capable of making great strides in your life and in your relationships.

You need to give yourself full love before you can give your love to others, and this will help you in your personal moments.

Through this process they can even have a deep love for Mother Earth and inspire them to take action to help her. These crystals have the ability to help you begin the process of anchoring your Light Body.

“Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look that becomes a habit.” Peter Ustinov.

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Combine it with other stones

Another powerful stone to use in combination with this stone, for activation of the upper heart chakra The beautiful red and green Aniolite is also known as Ruby Zoisite.

As you begin to get used to old memories you are releasing by throwing this stone, you may feel the need to forgive yourself. Tugtupita will help you feel sorry for yourself and others. But you can help by combining it with other thymus chakra stones that inspire empathy, like the beautiful Vivianita. Green Selenite is also found in that area, helping you to forgive yourself and others.

There is a powerful strong combination with Cryolite and Nuummite for heal emotions. Used only with Nuummita, it is effective in helping you cut strings, and connect you to previous life experiences. The combined energy of these three stones will allow you to let others who may need forgiveness, and move on in your life.

This is a stone that will help the spiritual growth, and if this is your main reason for its use, try combining it with any of the high-energy crystal stones. Many of these stones are powerful to aid your growth in this area, and especially use Moldavite for transformation.

The energy of any of the chakras stones of the upper heart, especially Lepidocrocite, Rose Quartz, Gaspeite, Rhodochrosite, Kunzite, Rhodonite, Emerald, Morganite, Mangano Calcite, Pargasite and Pink Tourmaline will all be useful to help you.

To help you fight a duel of any kind, You can use it with other crystals that give relief from gloom, such as Spurrita, Onix, Estilbite, Cavansite, Apache Tears, Jeremejevite, Lepidocrocite, Aquamarine, Quantum Quattro, Jet, Datolite, and Diopside.

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