Vivianite: Helps to set goals, alleviate stress and burnout

Vivianite have useful energy to help you release any negativity from your thinking and it is a valuable stone to support the communication.

It helps you have a more compassionate ability to share information with others. Its vibration can encourage clearer and more harmonious communication.

It has beneficial metaphysical properties that help remove any corrosive energy from your aura.

This cleansing of unwanted tremors can help improve your health.

This deep blue stone is known to be an excellent medical aid, benefiting your health in a number of ways. One of these crystals can hold a complete revival.

The strong compassionate vibration of these stones is an excellent emotional rehabilitation, as well as aiding physical and spiritual healing.

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Where does it come from? Vivianite


The meaning of the name of this stone is related to the name of the English mineralogist JG Vivian, who was the first to discover this stone.

Deposits of this stone have been found in Australia, Germany, Ukraine, Bolivia, Brazil and the United States.

These stones are deep blue and / or dark green in color, and some are transparent or translucent crystals. Pieces of natural stone are known to darken when exposed to light.

Therefore, many books suggest that you should keep it in a dark place and not expose it to sunlight as it is known to darken to almost dark.

I personally didn’t notice that this was happening to my stones, but maybe this is because they were coated with something before I had them.

How will it help you? Healing Feelings Attributes


This stone has a beautiful blue-green frequency that has a strong action to aid in emotional healing.

If your relationship lacked closeness or energy, this stone can reclassify the intensity and vitality of your personal connections. Your action can help your emotional health.

On an emotional level it resonates especially within the heart and in the upper heart chakra or thymus and helps to release inconsistent and negative energy from your auric field.

As soon as you allow yourself to retain any unwanted energy you had, you will feel quieter and more relaxed.

The energy of the stone is helpful in relieving stress and distress on a deep emotional level, as well as aiding in body healing.

The vibration of this stone evokes very pitying feelings for others, especially for those who need help after some kind of trauma or shock.

It has an excellent healing action for those suffering from shock or emotional wounds after traumatic injuries or heartbreak.

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Why would you use it?


Vivianite is a beneficial stone to wear for a number of reasons. It helps to set goals, relieve stress and fire, and encourage clearer communication.

In particular, one of its best uses is to use it in your daily meditations. If you’re not quite sure how to meditate, check out my article on easy meditation guides.

It has several benefits when used in meditation, including helping to boost your intuition.

This blue stone is known to be useful if your goal is to travel during meditation within the higher realms and can help you get where you want and return safely. .

Simply hold a piece of this blue-green stone in your hand while meditating on crystal, and you will soon feel its strong compassionate vibration filling your entire life.

It has a pretty powerful love vibration. If you allow his energy to help, it will activate physical and emotional healing and may boost your self-esteem.

It has an extraordinary energy that works on several levels at once, helping you solve various problems in life that you have not been able to solve.

It helps you figure out ways to look at a problem behind you, and it can help with the memories that helped you find solutions and achieve your goals.

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How to use. Helps with body healing


If you are not feeling well, it can be very beneficial to have a piece of Vivianite in your hand, as this can help restore your vitality and alleviate inertia.

This dark blue stone is said to work by helping to restore the health of cells that may need healing, and is known to help with body healing in a number of ways.

It is said to be especially helpful in helping women, as it contains strong feminine energy. It is known to boost the immune system and can help you recover more quickly.

These crystals are particularly known for helping your eyesight, and this includes your actual vision and the way you look at the world in which you live.

If you have health problems related to your heart, liver or spine, keeping a piece in your body can be beneficial to your health. It is also known to help those with age-related diseases such as osteoporosis and dementia.


It can also be valuable for young people who may have memory difficulties. This is a crystal that is rich in iron, so it can help you if you are iron deficient.

This crystal is known to be especially beneficial if you are doing remote medicine.

For crystal heaters, place a piece under your healing table or near the area where the client is, as this will help you decide on what is necessary for your healing.

You only know to have a piece of Vivianite in your healing room to clear the emotional energy of the people being healed, allowing them to be able to get a better healing result.

This crystal is also known to help the healer heal, especially if you are exhausted working too long or too hard. Here’s another good reason to keep a piece in your healing room.

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Who should use it?


Vivianite crystals have a good action to improve communication, because they are strong in the throat chakra as well as the third eye chakra.

If you need specific assistance with communication, it may be beneficial to wear a pendant made from this crystal on your throat, or earrings if you can get them.

Because jewelery made from this stone is not common, if you can’t find any, you can keep a piece in your pocket as high as possible on your body.

The energy of this stone resonates well in the third eye. Because these crystals have good energy to help you develop your intuition, it may be beneficial to then use it during meditation.

Another use of this stone for those who want to find out the meaning of their dreams.

For those who have had disturbing dreams, throwing this stone before bed can help you experience sleep.

This can help you better understand your previous dream. You may be able to make changes to your sleep in order to resolve your worries.

This stone resonates with the sacral or navel chakra, as well as within the base and ground chakras. This helps you make a deeper ground connection.

This connection to the ground is known to help you understand the energy behind crop circles and perhaps cause and meaning.

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Using Vivianite


This is a gemstone to wear on your body for a number of reasons. If you have been stressed or anxious or are feeling physically exhausted and exhausted, it may be beneficial for you to keep it in your body.

Of course this is an easy way to do it, but if you can’t find jewelery you can carry a piece in your pocket.

This is a Capricorn birthstone, so if this is your tip you can especially help with its wear.

If you have goals that you have been working on and have not yet achieved, the energy of this stone can be beneficial in helping you reach your mind.

This crystal has excellent metaphysical properties that are well known to help those who have been working on implementing a plan but still need help.

It has a supportive vibration to help you achieve the desired result, helping you stay positive about achieving your goal.

By helping you clarify your ultimate intention, it is known to increase your ability to successfully achieve your goal.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can only help find that reality. It cannot be a different way. This is not a philosophy, it is a physics. Albert Einstein.

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Combine it with other stones

This stone has a beautiful heart-based energy. Your vibration will work in combination with other heart chakra stones to increase the overall level of your abilities give and receive love, and can help have a happier and happier life.

If you work with this stone energy that encourage pity for others, you may choose to use it with some of the other strong upper heart chakra stones to stimulate the level of pity in your life.

It is well paired with the higher stones of the heart chakra like the beautiful pink stones Tugtupite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Dioptase, Variscite, Stichtite, Crocoite, Calcite Green, Transparent Pink Calcite and Kunzite.

Use this stone with some of the high vibration stones can be beneficial, because this combination helps to raise Vivianite’s energy level to a higher vibration. Stones you can choose to use with it include high energy crystal stones such as Stellar Ray Calcite, Moldavite, Herderite, Natrolite, Tanzanite, Afghanite, Phenachite or Brookite.

Vivianite is a strong stone for stress relief, and will pair well with other stones you are already using to help your stress or anxiety. Stones you can choose to use include Aquamarine Blue Crystal, Scapolite, Datolite, Lelacolite Lilac, Diaspora, Quantum Quattro, Mount Hay Thunder Eggs, Lithium Quartz, Escolecite, Eucriptite, or Variscite, as these are all useful for helpful stress.

To help you in case exhaustion and fatigueor use it with Sphalerite, which is another stone that will help with this problem.

To help you setting goals, you can choose to use it with other crystals to help you set goals. This includes stones like Vanadinite, Ruby, Serifos Green Quartz, Herderite, Carnelian, Treasure Agate, Tiger Eye, Moss Agate, Escapolita, Marialita or Mineral Peacock.

Other stones you can choose strengthen your intuitive gifts including Cordierite, Citrine, Rainbow Moonstone, Eckermannite, Euclase, Agrellite, Serendibite, Stilbite, Hureaulite, Albite or Bustamite.


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